Friday 25 July 2014

Jennibellie is *alive*

Hey ho, Jennibellie is *alive*
lol I've had a few days off of social media etc and I've had a few 'where have you gone', 'are you ok?' messages which feels lovely to be missed online I must say =) I've been a lil ill but am on the mend now. Creatively me being out of it (literally out of it sometimes unfortunately) has had a knock-on effect on what art I've managed to do, which is a shame because the beginning of the month I felt so ON IT!! But in coming to put this weekly ramble post together I have noticed I have managed a few things. 

(TOP TIP: Through journaling I have found out that if you ever feel really depressed or angry over your lack of productivity then simply write a list of those things you have managed to get done, however big or small & that feeling will always soon evaporate - it's much easier to be hard on ourselves for things we have not managed to get done, than notice all the great shizzle we have!)

One thing I have done this very evening is film the new video for the Monthly Challenge Group, it currently looks like this: no chances of me giving it away then lol, lots of editing to be done on that first!

Another is a v.quick style of journaling I've taken to recently, in my new quickie journal, which considering how I've been feeling suits the situation incredibly:

I have also been designing new products for my shop woooooooooooooooooo
as well as spending some time stocking it up on what I've had out of stock for a while:
makin' some zine packs

but the development stage of making new items takes sooooooooooo long that it's hardly worth me mentioning what they'll be, as it'll be 6 months before they are seen lol gotta love the creation processAs I've previously mentioned too I've been switching my studios (a new updated tour of my outdoor studio is coming!) so I've been trying to make my shop organisation more functional for me - if you have an online shop then you know what I'm talking about, it's easy to drown in things quickly - so the old cart has moved inside from my outdoor studio and is doing a great job being my 'products-in-progress' organiser!

In case no-one has noticed this about me before I highly recommend BOXES, 
for everything,
just go get some boxes lol
they are always in demand around here

And that's about everything for now,
hope you have a fabulousooo weekend
much love


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for your update. I appreciate your motivation to create things -- a good reminder for me.
    I agree with you about boxes, they are a big help.
    Having some time away (daily, or for set amounts of time weekly) from the computer is always a good thing, I believe. This allows more time for real life.
    Sending you happy thoughts of good health,

  2. Hi Jennibellie! It's always great to read from you, I wish your health is much better now! Thank you for the creativity tip. I sometimes feel that being psychologically "down" lessens my creativity and, although I feel like making some art, I just can't get myself to do it! I wonder if other people have this problem too and what we can do to keep creating even when we are not so well. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    1. Hi Melfina, thanks for your thoughts (and good wishes x) - I have added your comment as a topic for discussion on journal workshops, which is more likely to get suggestions given for ways to help, here is the direct link to the discussion: hope you get some suggestions to try out x

  3. Often times i feel the way Melfina mentioned . I find if i just make myself go sit down in my craftroom, even if i have no intention of making anything....just go sit surrounded by all my supplies for 5minutes...usually something magickal will mood will lift and i'll find myself fiddling with something and then another thing and before you know it its been 30 minutes and i'm feeling better than when i first sat down. Not always but this works alot of the time...

    Always love when you make a post Jennibellie. Miss ya when your gone so long or just pop in once a week with a TAT. Miss your creativity...Hugs! deb

  4. I don't know how you do it all!!! I'm tired just trying to catch up on all of your projects, video, newsletters, challenges...etc...etc....etc!!! LOL It's okay if you slow down a wee bit....your followers will be waiting.


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