Monday 13 February 2017

My First Ever Facebook Live


Wow will this really be my first post for this year? Geez. I need to get better at blogging, but despite my lapse here I have been super busy! Tomorrow I will be holding my first ever facebook live at 1pm GMT time in order to get ready for the Birthday Bash Art Party that is coming up this Saturday. 

In it I’m going to answer the questions that have come up around the Birthday Bash, give you more of an insight into the days events, share a pre-bash giveaway and perhaps even show you a little of my new studio space if it’s not too messy (as that is where I’ll be filming from so fingers crossed for me the internet signal works well enough). 

It will be my first facebook live ever too so I would so appreciate any ‘hellos’ of support if you are on the internet at this time, you know trying not to buy some new art supplies, or shielding your surfin’ screen from your boss lol If you cannot make it at the actual time the facebook live will be on my page afterwards so you can head over there to watch it whenever: 

And if you haven’t already come join the Birthday Bash Group here:

The Birthday Bash is an annual f*ee event I host on Journal Workshops. 

There will be Art Techniques, a Community Project, Art Swaps, Giveaways, a Facebook Live Journaling Session and a wonderful community to do it all with! 

Join now to ready for our art party on 18th Feb =)

Really hope to see you there, it's a pure creative blast!
Much love

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