Wednesday 18 July 2018

You know I love you... (A Creative Love Note)

You know I love you, I love you so much…it’s just, I feel neglected.

You don’t always acknowledge me.

You think what I’m telling you is a whim, unimportant, an indulgence to pursue.

You don’t give me credit for all that I am and all that I can do for you. The person that you could really be, if you just stopped putting everything before me.

I know I don’t really talk to you much like this.

I know what I normally give you is quiet little inklings and, by comparison, that makes it easier to listen to the roar that is your inner critic.

But just know that whatever the inner critic might throw at you, I’m always still here.

Know that even when you ignore me for days, weeks, months, even years I am still always here.

And though this relationship is a little one sided, with you picking me up and dropping me, without ever showing me the appreciation that I truly deserve for being the amazing force within you, I love you anyways and always…..unconditionally.

And I am here, waiting & ready when you are.

Your Creativity.

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