Friday 8 January 2016

Hello 2016 - Intention Setting Techniques

...a week in already!! I hope this year has treated you well so far. I have really felt the energy of a new year this year and spent a lot of time thinking about what I want out of it, and setting my intentions. So I thought I'd share some here. Over the past week I have shared a few techniques on different places online (mainly my art community, Journal Workshops) but decided to pull them all together in this blogpost.

First up a 2016 Mood Board Video I share as this Month's Challenge. I have never posted a monthly challenge video directly on here before, so if you want to see all the other Monthly Challenge videos from me, plus 100s of artists take on the challenges you can do so here (go on, it's free!):

and of course the Class I mention in the video, Creative Goal Journaling, is ALL about setting intentions but with practical tools to see those intentions become reality & right now there is 50% OFF:

This class consists of nine incredibly condensed modules full of tools, processes, journaling tricks and advice provided via graphic learning aid images, well over 40 videos (more likely 60 when I'm done) and pdfs which support you through every step of the journey from understanding how to plan to actually achieving your goals (whatever they may be). 

The 50% off offer only lasts for two more days, 
click the image below or link to find out the full details:

Another tool for setting intentions I've been using a lot this week and sharing in the class is my 2016 Shining Workbooks:

Finally after being asked a lot to share something on crystals I decided to mix it with intentions and shared this video on setting intentions via a crystal grid process:

So those are a few of the intention setting techniques I've done so far and whatever your intentions are for this year, I hope you have an awesome 2016.
Much love

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