Saturday 3 June 2017

Three Videos in Three Days

Hello Love

Hope you're having a fabulous creative weekend, if not here's some kick-starters for you. The last three days I've posted a video a day so here they all are together, enjoy.

The first one I posted is all about 'How I Organize & Store Scrap Papers':

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The second was the new monthly art challenge video on Journal Workshops, where we are exploring your relationship with creativity. Check it out here: 

The Monthly Challenge is a free group I host on my art community Journal Workshops. It is a monthly art date for us to stretch our art/journaling comfort zone. If you are not yet a part of this Group, come & join over 5000 creative comrades plus get new monthly art vids from me here: 

The third video is from the Makers Meet-up is all about having yourself a 'Creative Spa Day':

The Maker’s Meet-up is another free group on my art community. A weekly meeting place where you can come and share, find support and be inspired (and where I give little extra creative assignment videos such as this one too) =D

So there you are if you follow all three you'll have an organized studio, be getting your creating groove on while improving your relationship with creativity and having a luxurious Creative Spa Day as you do it all. No excuses for a non-creative weekend around here, though in truth these are all 'regular' videos I create all the time (though obviously they are all on new topics each time) for my newsletter or art community - so just follow the links to get more ;)

Much love

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