Wednesday 31 August 2016

3 Steps For Dealing with Creative Demotivation

Hello beautiful

Hey! You may have noticed I've not been around here much the last couple of months, so I'm posting (despite the fact I've a million other 'Jennibellie' things I should be doing today like send out my newsletter, or finishing tomorrows next Monthly Challenge project and video) as I wanted to be sure to post something in September. It's silly but I don't like having a zero next to a month on my 'Blog Archive' lol so here's a post all about dealing with demotivation in your creativity and how to deal with it. I originally sent this out to my list last month as I tend to send creative articles out along with the other news/exclusive videos etc.

While my creative juices are flowing again right now truth be told the past few months have been a HUGE time of demotivation for me, as things have happened to flip up my life and routine recently, which is why I was inspired in my last blogpost to write about ensuring you continue your art during the tough times...but that can be tricky, and dealing with that trickiness is what this blogpost is about. I want to share with you the formula I used to see the light at the end of the tunnel & get back on my creative camel (more on that below!)

Step One: 

Forgive yourself! Forgive yourself for not doing those things you said you were going to do and for not being as far along as you wish to be. That’s life, if we already accomplished everything we wished to well, then, what would be the point in us sticking around? Truly open yourself up and forgive yourself for everything that is over and done with, you cannot change it anyway.

Step Two: 

Move with Gentleness. This is the action step to forgiving yourself. Figure out what you were being most hard on yourself for not doing and start doing that, but with gentleness. Move slowly, don’t expect too much of yourself. As I keep reminding myself ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ so allow yourself time to ease back into it.

Step Three: 

Self Care Mastery, as I am displaying in the pic above in my sacred space, with a good book, in my fav pink top & wet messy hair from a long self care soak. Motivation is the most difficult thing to accumulate when you are running on empty. Fill yourself up, keep yourself filled up and in the knowledge that doing this will help you achieve those things that you wish to – which may mean taking a lot of breaks as you do Step Two. Also this is where having Passion Projects comes in great, and makes you feel good about yourself because you are actually moving along on something huzzah!! If you haven’t already click here to see July Monthly Challenge video, that runs through all about starting a new Passion Project.

These above are my Passion Project - here is a blogpost I did about these if you want to read more about the benefits of having a project that is just for you (and contains a little more info about what my Passion Project is). And that's it, that's how I moved from feeling stuck and fed up to creating again. I hope if you're dealing with demotivation you'll give it a try, especially if you've been hard on yourself to try and get yourself in creative flow again (because how's that working for you?). What have you got to lose?

Here's something else that will help with getting your creative projects done and is brand new today (see I told you the above steps got me creating again!):

This  'How to Ride Your Creative Camels' ekit contains lotsa goodies to help you better understand and navigate your own creative projects and creative journeys. Learn more via the link.
It is available via my Etsy shop now:

Now I'd better get off and get creating what I'm actually supposed to be doing tee hee don't forget to look out for the new Monthly Challenge project and video in the group tomorrow, here's a sneak peek of how mine's coming on so far:

Toodles for now.
Much love

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