Saturday 24 December 2011

If you want a free journal save your Christmas cards

Hi Guys, just a quick one before the big day, but I'm including pictures of christmas presents I am in the process of making...just because it feels odd to do a post without pictures lol.
Here's the message I really want to tell you though in the below video, I'm having tons of ideas of how to make them and will probably do more than one tutorial, as right now I can't pick my favourite journal idea to do! Haha
A final MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR wish from me, love you all :) xx

Monday 19 December 2011

Boy Oh Boy! A Completed Art Journal (& Video Flip)

Ohhhhhh boy! 6 days to Christmas and I am finding it insanely difficult to get online this month (no wonder challenges like Nanowrimo etc are in November - who would dare tackle anything extra in this crazy month?). I have managed to finish my horrid journal though, YAY!
I have done a two-part video flip of all the pages (gotta love flippages)
I only really talk about materials in these videos, because I always like to know what other artists like to use, but I have to say my favourite supply I found through process of this journal was a humble pencil. One water-soluable graphite pencil, ummmmm, here are a couple of pages in this journal I made with the pencil and not yet shown on here:
You know what? If all I got for Christmas was a lump of charcoal I'd reckon I'd be pretty chuffed haha

Just in case I don't get to blog again before the 25th MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!

Friday 9 December 2011

The Weirdo Art Book

In my last post I sneaked a pic of my new beadalious book, so here's the finished article:

Believe it or not this whole book only took one sheet of A1 paper to create. I first folded the paper, then tore (there's no precision cutting in the whole book), then painted. It was very freeing.
All the pages inside are completed too
Here is a video flip through if you want to see all of the pages & construction of the book:
Linking to artists in blogland, sneak peek friday & paint party friday. Happy weekend everyone :) x

Wednesday 7 December 2011

A Horrid Week - In Journal Pages

Hello blog that I have abandoned, computer that I have not turned on and emails that I have not checked for an entire week! I have had an horrendous time with a week-long headache, sometimes drugs helped other times (most times) not. Even as someone who suffers migraines often with constant sickness and dizziness I have never experienced anything like that. SO glad it's over and I'm back!
 I only have to share these rather dull minimal effort pages that I did during that time, but I wanted you to show you I was still alive :)
 (this one has secret writing in the hair)
I have just started working on (a journal) something I am excited about though so here's a sneak peek - 
It's beadalious, and I'll probably do a video flip of it for my next blog post. Now I'm off to see what I have missed this last week in our fantastic blogland, though with how fast our world spins thinking that may take me another week to do that lol thanks for visiting Jennibellie x
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