Saturday 4 June 2016

Finishing Your Art Journal Pages #3 - The Art of Shapes

Hello lovely

I've a new video in the Finishing Your Art Journal Pages Series.

This page is back to the junk journal and using shapes to finish your page, here it is:

As mentioned in the video I also just posted the new Monthly Challenge video on Journal Workshops all about Tissue Paper Abstracts, you can check that out here: 

If whatever reason you are not a member of Journal Workshops yet no problem, just choose 'sign up' on the top's free and once I've approved your account (I vet everyone to make it the safest place it can possibly be) you will have access to this fab group and my other free offerings! Yay!

You can also find my other Finishing Your Art Journal Pages Videos here (clickable links):

Have an awesome creative weekend =)

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