Friday 5 February 2016

Invite To My (Art) Party...

Hello beautiful

Welcome, I have a special invite for you. If you're a regular reader you may have realised I've not been posting my usual Friday Weekly Ramble blogposts so far in 2016, basically because I've been chilling. 
Putting the Feet Up.
Filling the Well.
Plotting World Domination.
Creating Some Art.
Drinking Hot Drinks.
Emptying the Mind.
Nourishing the Spirit.
Taking in Peace. 

Apparently in Astrology when you are coming up to your birthday you do get tired, because you are at the end of your cycle and you need the sun in your sign to renew & energise you again...or some such thing. I dunno for sure, I'll let you know if I feel any more go-go-go after my birthday in a couple of weeks.

...which leads me on to inviting you to my Birthday Party - if you come I promise to be lively for that, I'll bring the art techniques and you bring your paint brushes!!

The Birthday Bash is a free event on Journal Workshops, come join by clicking here:

The idea of the Birthday Bash is for each of us to have a full day of creativity (or as close to a full day as what you can get) but in communion with other creative beauties via the incredibleness that our little space on the interwebs (Journal Workshops)! 

Click here to see a little video sharing what it’s all about and to join the group (it's easy peasy to join, you just click the 'Join' button on the page you are taken to):

I sure hope to see you there =)
Have a great weekend!!

PS: If you are not a member of Journal Workshops but like the sound of joining the Birthday Bash that's great too, just create a profile for yourself on the site by signing up here: - go'on, it's fun & free!!
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