Wednesday 18 July 2018

You know I love you... (A Creative Love Note)

You know I love you, I love you so much…it’s just, I feel neglected.

You don’t always acknowledge me.

You think what I’m telling you is a whim, unimportant, an indulgence to pursue.

You don’t give me credit for all that I am and all that I can do for you. The person that you could really be, if you just stopped putting everything before me.

I know I don’t really talk to you much like this.

I know what I normally give you is quiet little inklings and, by comparison, that makes it easier to listen to the roar that is your inner critic.

But just know that whatever the inner critic might throw at you, I’m always still here.

Know that even when you ignore me for days, weeks, months, even years I am still always here.

And though this relationship is a little one sided, with you picking me up and dropping me, without ever showing me the appreciation that I truly deserve for being the amazing force within you, I love you anyways and always…..unconditionally.

And I am here, waiting & ready when you are.

Your Creativity.

Thursday 11 January 2018

An Inspiring Email Share

Hello My Loves

It has been a while since I have been on here (or anywhere online come to that) but a little while ago I got in such an awesome flow and wrote what I think is a pretty inspiring email to my newsletter crew that unusually I wanted to share it here too, and trust that those that need to hear this find it =)

Much love 

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Through the Crack
…inspiration comes.

For a few days I’ve wanted to write you, but as you may or may not know I’ve been out of my usual making stuff cycle due to personal circumstances and so didn’t feel like I wanted to until I had something of value to offer (plus I think there was a little resistance there…more on that later).

So for about 6 weeks I’ve been immersed in...I’m not exactly sure what yet. Some new interests (I started gaming, whhhhaaaaattt??), a little re-evaluating, lots of tasty food, plenty of shopping for beads and new arm candy and not much art. Like any. At all. This came as a shock to me because any time tragedy has struck in my life art has always been my go to. It has been both my processing, and my escaping mechanism, for at least the past eight years.

This time felt a lot different and while the inner critics were nagging at me a little for ‘being lazy’, ‘wasting time’ etc etc I know myself well enough now to know when I am in resistance and when I just need a break. When I need a break I give myself that space, I explore other things such as those listed above. When I am in resistance (like sending this email) I MAKE myself come out of it, which may sound harsh (especially for the usual Jennibellie-style philosophy & teachings) but that is in fact sometimes the kindest thing you can do for yourself. Because only then do you get to remember who you really are
You get to breathe in air again. You get to reacquaint yourself with that quiet inner satisfaction of having created something once more. You get feel your wholeness.

A few days ago I felt the need for taking a break turn into resistance. It’s a subtle shift, but if you honestly check in with yourself the truth of whether you are in *real* need of a break or in resistance will always show itself.  I looked a little deeper; I found the cause of my resistance was in the idea of ‘having’ to get back in the saddle. So I made myself just sit in my studio chair, something I hadn’t done in over a month. I wasn’t intending to do anything, just be there. Then I made myself pull out my journal and do some written journaling. It’s not that hard, I could manage that at least couldn’t I?  It took TWO LINES of feeling pretty crap about not art journaling/painting/creating and woe is me before I said ‘F*** this’ and I got the paints out. Literally I shall let you read my diary entry of that encounter if you like by placing a picture of the completed page below.

Once I began painting in broad strokes of thick, indelicate sloshes of acrylic paint I decided to post this above pic to facebook stating ‘Beginnings of the first art journal page in over a month. Starting to feel myself coming back’. The response I got included many who have been/are feeling the same way, and given what we have all been going through lately (the rush of the holiday, the back to work rejolt, the gloomy winter, the upheaval to our routines) it’s hardly surprising that so many of us are finding our creativity a difficult place to navigate, or even get in the area of right now - and if you happen to be amongst us here are my tips for you right now...

Don’t wait for the flood!

Sometimes when we take time away from our creativity our muse can tap us on the shoulder and out of the blue and give us a million projects and ideas we want to immediately get started on. How nice! BUT, it is not always how things work, and I see many people waiting for this to happen in order to get them creating again. The result is streams of emails I get from people telling me they ‘haven’t created in over a year’, ‘two years’ and once even ‘six years’. Waiting for the call of the angels and the flood of inspiration to wash in is a very romantic notion. It sounds so lovely, BUT when it actually stops us from creating then I think we are a little too attached to this pretty, but impractical image of creativity. Sometimes you HAVE to MAKE yourself. I think this is too important to be said only once, SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO MAKE YOURSELF. You. Just. Do!

But again this doesn’t have to be harsh. It can be as easy as sitting in a chair. Then doing a little journaling. It can be as easy as taking steps 1-2-3, rather than jumping to 50 straight away. It can be as easy as coaxing, cajoling, caressing your scared self back into the vicinity of inspiration…and then allowing the teeniest, tiniest spark of it to direct you.

Inspiration does not always come in an overwhelming flood of excitement.

It can come through the slightest crack in the door…but you have to be willing to take a deep breath, grab that door handle and ever so slightly, open it up!

Here is that finished page that inspired this post:

If you are feeling yourself in resistance then I have a treat for you. I have made my Creative Resistance Remedy Workshop HALF PRICE for the New Year.

This price is even cheaper than when I launched it at the Early Bird Price & was originally just for the first week of this New Year but as I have not been actively posting/emailing about it I have decided to extend it for you. In truth if you want to know the exact HOW I made myself sit down and write this email then the exact trick I used is shared in this course (which now I have written it I feel pretty amazing actually, surprise surprise…NOT! lol).

This workshop is a perfect New Years workshop to take as it is for those of you that are ready to make your creativity more important than your resistance, your comparison, your procrastination, your perfectionism, your analysis paralysis and all your critics and create your projects already

Sound good? Awesome! You can read the details, watch the accompanying video & grab this bargain by clicking the ‘Join’ button here: 

Much love & Happy Creative 2018

Monday 16 October 2017


It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a busy day.

It doesn’t matter if people are relying on you, and you are the ONLY person in the whole wide world who can do this specific thing for them.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got better things to be doing.

If you need to make art today *DO IT*.

It is not selfish.

It is not irresponsible.

That’s just society’s echo of ‘sacrifice is what makes you a decent person’ ringing in your ears. 

You can leave that voice somewhere else…preferably the garbage bin.

You can find five minutes.


Hell you’ve found five minutes for blog hopping haven’t you?

Yeah I am calling you out on all the levels right now.

Because you deserve the break.

You deserve the joy.

You DESERVE to feel whole.

TAKE THE TIME to create for yourself today.

So stop the excuses and stop the procrastinating, go and make your shizzle.


Wednesday 16 August 2017

The Wisdom Journal (& Livestream)

Hey Love

I'm SO excited.

I have a BRAND NEW Journal Making Class Now OPEN!! Whoop Whoop!

The Wisdom Journal is about making your own survival guidebook of your own personal wisdoms. 

For more info visit: 
The Wisdom Journal {clickable}

In the Wisdom Journal Class we will:

*Make a Unique Journal - including creating pockets, decorating background papers before binding, crafting a decorative spine, adding a closure etc.

*Detect Our Wisdoms – what is to go in the journal? Well, we shall see…

*Art Journal – once we have done the work around finding/making our wisdoms we shall art them out in our fancy new handmade journal.

*Apply Our Wisdoms – we will look at how we can consciously apply our wisdoms in our life. This class is not about locking knowledge away in a book never to be seen again, it is about bringing awareness to light to use …and as a result create our own fabulously customised survival book to have forevermore and use as a tool.

Registration is open now for a CRAZY Low Early Bird Price

(or if it’s already a ‘YES’ workshop for you click ‘Join’ in the classroom here to secure your spot now:

Class Starts 1st Sept & you get LIFETIME access to the class content (so grab it now while it's a bargain!)

PS Last night I also did a facebook livestream on 'How to do Art the 'Right' Way' (yes...there is a right way, apparently) & I also showed a little more about the Wisdom Journal Class if you want to see it in 'person' as it were. Check it out here:

PPS This new class like all my classes are hosted on my art community Journal Workshops, you can sign up now for free and browse all the classes I have on offer if you wish, or even take a free one!
come join the family...we don't bite =)

Saturday 5 August 2017

How To Pick Which Project to Do {VIDEO: The 2 Ways of Creating}

Hey Love

I have recently discovered something about creativity. Through observing my own patterns of creating, and those of others through my creative coaching, I have discovered there are two main ways we create.

These two ways are SUPER useful to help you through many different stages of your projects, but mainly at the very beginning when you ask 'what project should I even do?'

Click here to watch the video:

Things Mentioned In Video -
*The Creative Instinct Video:
*Lots of new things added to my shop including artist goodies & classes as well as the creative coaching mentioned:

If you would another new video from me then I recently did a facebook live Monthly Challenge* which you can watch here: & I also sent around my monthly newsletter containing new videos so check that out if you are on my list (or if you're not you can sign up here: & receive a free Creative Ebook, Exclusive Videos, Collage Sheets, name a few - and you get brand new private giveaways, videos, articles & offers each and every month)

I'm off to go pick the winners for the fb live challenge, as I did a giveaway on there also, which I'm intending to do more of so if you've not already 'liked' my facebook page please do so (also hit the 'add page to favorites') to stay informed of these new fb lives and giveaways ;) 

Hop you're having a great creative weekend

*The Monthly Challenge is a free group I host on my online art community Journal Workshops. It is a monthly art date for us to stretch our art/journaling comfort zone in a supportive collaborative environment. If you are not yet a part of this Group come & join in with over 5000 creative comrades and get access to YEARS worth of archived challenges, complete with art vids from me & project shares from the other members, here:

Saturday 15 July 2017

Butterfly Addiction (& Video ~ Real Time Art Journaling)

Hi Love

I've had a realisation this week as to why I may have a slight butterfly addiction (those of you that have take my free class Inspiration Station would have seen this, I explain it as I realise there are butterflies ALL OVER those journals lol). My sudden realisation comes from a social media post I wrote a couple of days ago. It's kind of a personal one, so I am sharing it here for prosperity followed by an early peek at a youtube video I'll be posting tomorrow where I create a page guessed it, butterflies. Enjoy

My Great Grandmothers Butterfly fits in nicely in my outdoor studio I think...

When I was a child I remember these enameled butterflies being all over her little flat (apartment to those over you over the pond). On every mirror, windows, picture frame and fridge (…may be this is where my obsession with butterflies comes from?). I don’t know if that was truly how it was or if it just how I remember it, but I always associate these soft little pretty colourful girlie things with an austere, proper, Edwardian woman who I loved but no one in their right mind would have ever called a ‘softie’. 

She wore bland clothes, kept a bland house, and was straight down the line. She saw everything as black and white, ‘this is right and this is wrong’. No argument or compromise. She invented the phrase ‘stiff upper lip’. I never remember seeing her smile except in photographs I have seen as an adult, long after she has left the earth. Pure toughness of the First World War generation through and through. Yet I obviously never saw or noticed any of that as a child, she was my great grandma, and I just saw butterflies 


Hope you're having an awesomely creative weekend
Much love

PS If you're not having an awesomely creative weekend hop on over to Journal Workshops
There's the New Maker's Meet-Up, a New Art Swap and New Mini Art Classes to Join (plus bonuses added to some other ones!), go check it all out now on my art community, 

Saturday 3 June 2017

Three Videos in Three Days

Hello Love

Hope you're having a fabulous creative weekend, if not here's some kick-starters for you. The last three days I've posted a video a day so here they all are together, enjoy.

The first one I posted is all about 'How I Organize & Store Scrap Papers':

If you want more Ask Jennibellie videos you can get them via signing up to my Monthly Newsletter here: When you do so you’ll also receive a free Creative Ebook, Exclusive Videos, Collage Sheets & other goodies *instantly* as well as the monthly news, articles, videos & other occasional gifts sent direct to your inbox =)

The second was the new monthly art challenge video on Journal Workshops, where we are exploring your relationship with creativity. Check it out here: 

The Monthly Challenge is a free group I host on my art community Journal Workshops. It is a monthly art date for us to stretch our art/journaling comfort zone. If you are not yet a part of this Group, come & join over 5000 creative comrades plus get new monthly art vids from me here: 

The third video is from the Makers Meet-up is all about having yourself a 'Creative Spa Day':

The Maker’s Meet-up is another free group on my art community. A weekly meeting place where you can come and share, find support and be inspired (and where I give little extra creative assignment videos such as this one too) =D

So there you are if you follow all three you'll have an organized studio, be getting your creating groove on while improving your relationship with creativity and having a luxurious Creative Spa Day as you do it all. No excuses for a non-creative weekend around here, though in truth these are all 'regular' videos I create all the time (though obviously they are all on new topics each time) for my newsletter or art community - so just follow the links to get more ;)

Much love


Sunday 21 May 2017

New Video: a JUICY Art Journal Tutorial

Hello my lovely

Hope you’re having a gloriously creative weekend so far. I have a new video tutorial for you today, all about the EDGES of your journal pages.

After the little tut I share a few of my art journals pages I created using this edges technique as a base too...

hope you enjoy:

These are the sketchbooks I use:

The glues I use are double sided sticky tape, Glue Stick (my fav and Tacky Glue (Aleenes Original being my preference

Here is the ‘3 Glues Technique’ video I mentioned and used in the Juicy Edges tutorial: 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

PS Are you part of my free art community Journal Workshops yet?? If not get your buns over there and signed up for free weekly and monthly art activities, all of my current online workshops *plus* a free art journaling class. 

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