Wednesday, 22 March 2017

2 Art Journal Supply Videos

Hello my love

I've 2 Art Supply Videos for you today.

The first I recently posted on youtube so you may have already seen (I so need to get better at posting blogs the same time as I post other stuff lol) is about creating using supplies. This video shows a super quick 5 minute journal page...yes you can create in only 5 minutes and using the 'limited supply journal game' is a great way to encourage that. 

Hope it gets your mojo-juices flowing:

Supplies used in this page*
Liquitex Basics Acrylics –
Staedtler Lumocolor Fine Permanent Marker Pens –
Derwent Graphik Markers –
Staedtler Mars 780 Technical Mechanical Pencil -
Tsukineko Brilliance Dew Drop Inkpad in Pearlescent Beige -

Come join me on instagram here:

The second video is a new feature I'm sending out to my newsletter subscribers 'Art Supply of the Month'. 

I shared a peek of this video on facebook and said 'you'll never see this elsewhere' lol well that's usually true but I wanted to share just this one sneakily with you here, you'll have to sign up to my newsletter to receive the exclusive videos I send each month though. If you're not already on the list you can sign up to get these videos (as well as the art supply they also get an 'Ask Jennibellie' video where I candidly answer any question) plus awesome giveaways, news & offers and you’ll also get a BUNCH of *Free* Goodies for joining up immediately here:

Hope you enjoy: 

Here are the supplies shared in this video*

My Box of Medium Point Uni-posca Paint Marker Pens -
(however these Extra Fine Points seem to be more popular -
My Hartbag (The Derwent Canvas Carry-All Bag) -

*links may be affiliate; this costs nothing extra but allows me to get a free bottle of glue occasionally if you decide to purchase, but as ever I will only ever recommend products I use and trust myself :)

Hope you've enjoyed these vids

Have an awesome day

Much love

PS want some more videos from me?? Next week I'll be sending my newsletter out so make sure you're on the list for that: & also the new Monthly Challenge video will be posted on my art community Journal Workshops too so ensure you're a member there if you're not already (it's fast and free to join)

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

An Art Journal Page to Make You Smile [Video]

Hey lovely

I have a new video for you today.

I hardly ever post here what I’m doing elsewhere anymore, I soooo need to get back with that…so, I'm starting with this post ----- I have just posted the new Monthly Art Challenge Video:

The Monthly Challenge is a free group I host on Journal Workshops, a monthly art date for us to come together and stretch our art/journaling comfort zone.

If you are not yet a part of this Group, come & join over 5000 creative comrades there for free, plus get monthly art vids from me! If you are already a member of Journal Workshops you can join by clicking the 'Join' button here: If you are not yet a member you can join my art community for free here:

Come join in our new challenge now:

Much love


How To Join Groups & Classes on Journal Workshops:

1. Go to the Groups section of the site or click here: & click on the group or class you wish to join. If you are not a member yet you will need to join my art community first (it's quick and free) here:

2. On the top right of that page there will always be some version of a ‘Join’ button. If you are joining a f*ee class or group you will instantly get access to your chosen space as soon as you click 'Join' button, without any delay whatsoever =) On a paid class or group once you click the ‘Join’ button you’ll see a ‘Premium Content’ pop up message where you can input your payment details, but again this process is pretty instant and once done you will receive immediate access to your classroom.

Monday, 13 February 2017

My First Ever Facebook Live


Wow will this really be my first post for this year? Geez. I need to get better at blogging, but despite my lapse here I have been super busy! Tomorrow I will be holding my first ever facebook live at 1pm GMT time in order to get ready for the Birthday Bash Art Party that is coming up this Saturday. 

In it I’m going to answer the questions that have come up around the Birthday Bash, give you more of an insight into the days events, share a pre-bash giveaway and perhaps even show you a little of my new studio space if it’s not too messy (as that is where I’ll be filming from so fingers crossed for me the internet signal works well enough). 

It will be my first facebook live ever too so I would so appreciate any ‘hellos’ of support if you are on the internet at this time, you know trying not to buy some new art supplies, or shielding your surfin’ screen from your boss lol If you cannot make it at the actual time the facebook live will be on my page afterwards so you can head over there to watch it whenever: 

And if you haven’t already come join the Birthday Bash Group here:

The Birthday Bash is an annual f*ee event I host on Journal Workshops. 

There will be Art Techniques, a Community Project, Art Swaps, Giveaways, a Facebook Live Journaling Session and a wonderful community to do it all with! 

Join now to ready for our art party on 18th Feb =)

Really hope to see you there, it's a pure creative blast!
Much love

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Video: 9 Tips for Using Your Yearly Workbooks & Creative Goal Planning Chat

Hi Love

Yesterday was the final day of my daily blogging week but as there was a bit of 2016/7 creative goal talk throughout it I wanted to share this post to round off the week nicely. 

The video in this post I shared a few days ago with my newsletter crew. Each month for them (and usually for them only, except for this time of course) I create an exclusive video answering their questions; sometimes it's a practical tutorial, a show and tell with supplies, other times it's a coffee chat. 

This one was a chat which I loved because if you know me, I could talk about creative plans, projects, dreams and goals and how to navigate them FOREVER! It's totally one of my fav subjects.

Hope you enjoy:

These are the workbooks we will be discussing:

 but you do not have to have these specifically to enjoy the video - you can have any planner, none or a blank notebook, but it is a great time to get them if you want the 2017 bundle!

Here are the 9 Tips for using Your Workbooks condensed:

1) You don’t have to fill out every section
2) Practicality - how much can you really do this year?
3) See it as a dream planner - nothing is set in stone.
4) Make sections that don’t already exist – customise
5) Use colourful pens, markers and stickers etc - make it fun
6) Keep dates in your diary to refer back to your workbook
7) Break goals down into weekly/monthly deadlines
8) Create an accountability support structure (you can join my free new 'Maker's Meet-Up' Group here:
9) Don’t stress – it’s here to support you, not pressure you!

PS Sorry about the audio on this video – the microphone went haywire, I did the best I could to retrieve it.

If you want help with your creative plans check out my class ‘Creative Goal Journaling’, it contains nine incredibly condensed modules of tools, processes & journaling tricks to bring your goal into being:

My newest class that I mention in the video ‘Rock Your Online Shop’ is out now! Created especially for artists and owners of handmade goods shops to make money from their creative skills sustainably and enjoyably, for more info check out (HALF PRICE UNTIL MONDAY ONLY!): 

Whatever kind of planning you are doing for the new year I hope you have fun,
much love

Friday, 2 December 2016

How to Stay Creatively 'on it' (Daily Behind the Scenes Blog 5)

Hi love

This is my fifth & supposedly final daily blog behind the scenes post (though I do have an inkling I might have something to post tomorrow too), you can view yesterdays here. I'm summing up what I've been up to lately all in one week! Today is about what getting out of the non-creative quagmire and staying in the space of creativity. 

So at the beginning of the week I posted about my 2016, how uncreative it was and how it has turned around, well in this post I'm going to share how I did that - because when you are feeling that stuck/uncreative/emotional/depressed even, it can be hard to see a way out of it. 

Unfortunately I think the main thing it comes down to is something you don't want to hear when you are in that space, in fact it might be the exact opposite to what you want to hear, but it is changing your perspective. Shifting your attitude, yep, told you you don't wanna hear it! But I think deep down we don't want to hear that because we know it is the thing to do that will work. Therefore all our resistance bands together to try to stop us because it knows 'this is gonna be hard'. Your fear and resistance wants you stay where you are, where you are is safe, what's 'out there' isn't safe; it's unknown and it's uncomfortable. So in-spite of everything inside you telling you you can't shift your attitude, that you can't look from another perspective you have to choose to if you want change. When you do this you can then take the steps that will actually bring you out of it...UNTIL you do this though any steps you take will be futile, because what they are doing is dealing with a symptom, not the disease.

So I had to shift from 'this year has been so rubbish/unproductive/uncreative/hard/emotional' to 'I still have x amount of week's left, what can I do in that time to end 2016 with a bang?' It was not easy, nor done in one motion, but once I shifted an inch I did little things to ensure I grabbed it with both hands to gain another inch and keep that momentum going. 

This is how you stay creatively on it, 
you do not let the momentum you have
(any momentum, not matter how little)

Once I could feel this momentum again I increased my little things to big things - I created the class I mentioned earlier this week, hired the right coach to keep me on track and created the 'Maker's Meet-Up' Group on Journal Workshops to be a creativity 'staying on track' hub for people to bring their projects, creative issues & wins and support one another on our journey:

We meet up each week on fridays, share our projects & have a chat (the chat function on Journal Workshops goes on for all of friday, it's super fun!). Here is the video I posted in today's 'Meet-Up' to give you more of an idea about it:

If you think this might be something that is useful to you
here is the direct link to the group:

I also have to say accountability is one of the biggest things to help you stay creatively on track...I know people always say this but it is because it is true. This is why my hiring a coach has been the best thing I could have done for myself, but she does cost me a bomb - here you are getting a supportive creative environment for nada, so what are you waiting for?

Can't wait to see you over there
Ciao for now & Happy Weekend

PS here are the Links to bits mentioned in the vid:

The new class Rock Your Online Shop Has 50% Off ONLY Until Monday! You can join here:

RAW Intuitive Journaling Class (process I'll be doing to re-adjust & reconnect):

PPS I have been mentioning this a lot but it is because TODAY is the last day you can get the 21 Secrets Spring 2015 edition (to which I contributed a class) before it disappears for good. Yep, tomorrow it will be no more, gone, adios - forever! Here is the link & if you use the code 'RETIRE' you will get $30 off! 

PPPS Want something free from me to creatively keep you on track? Sign up to my free newsletter & you will receive a copy of my ebook 'How to Get on (& Stay on) a Creative Roll' plus lotsa other art goodies absolutely free (& immediately!):

Thursday, 1 December 2016

What I do when I don't post here - Free Art Video (Daily Behind the Scenes Blog 4)

Hi lovely

This is my fourth daily blog behind the scenes post, you can view yesterdays (all about my new studio) here. I'm summing up what I've been up to lately all in one week! Today is about what I'm creating when I don't post here.

As I look down my blog articles for 2016 I feel the sparseness. I think back over other years when I posted a lot and realise I'm not posting much less now, it's just not always directly to here. I used to only have this blog and my youtube account, now I have many other places I post - mainly my art community and social media. Not this lovely old blogs fault, I should keep up sharing what's happening elsewhere on here so over today and tomorrow I'll just share two regular things I share on Journal Workshops.

As it is the first of the month today I'll share my video from the Monthly Challenge Group. This is a group where each month I pick one member of my communities suggestion and create an art challenge for my community, here's todays:

I'm sure many of you reading this are already members of the group (there are over 5,000 of you now) but if not you can join up here. What I love most about it is seeing all the pictures that come in, all of the different creations that occur through different hands and perspectives of the members of the group. Anyway here's the challenge:

Here are the linky links to those things mentioned in the video:
Rock Your Online Shop Class
Maker's Meet-Up Group -
21 Secrets 2015 Classes - (use the code 'RETIRE' you will get $30 off!)

Hope you enjoyed the video
see you tomorrow for the last (...may be!daily blog

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

My New far (Daily Behind the Scenes Blog 3)

Hi love

This is my third daily blog behind the scenes post, you can view yesterdays here. I'm summing up what I've been up to lately all in one week! Today is all about my new studio!

This is going to be a quick post as I'm v.busy today (in the process of making videos and writing for my list the newsletter I'll be sending out later today, if you're not on my newsletter list you can join here & get lots of my art goodies immediately!). It's also going to be a quick post as I don't really have enough pics to make up a studio tour yet, but I'll share what I have.

So at the beginning of October I took out the insurance required and acquired a new studio in a 1800s factory where lots of other artists/creative businesses are situated. 

I cannot believe it has been nearly two months already. I have only managed to grab a couple of hours there here and there every fortnight or so, so it doesn't feel like it's been half that time yet. Still when I took it I knew I'd be using it more in the spring and summer months than the autumn and winter - it is a trek to and from the space (about a 3 hr round trip) and the rooms are VERY cold in the winter weather, so I'll be going more when 8pm isn't pitch black, cold and raining and feeling like a total drudge to get to and from it. I'm definitely a summer person, when it's cold and dark outside I just want to curl up and sleep lol.

So with that being said I haven't spent much time there making it mine yet, but I have done some, here is the before:

here's a bit more of what it looks like now:
 (though not exactly - I haven't taken pics the last couple of times I've been so it's a little more evolved now):

The view is AMAZING, you can see city, towns, forest, even a windmill. It stretches for miles and miles...

I have set up things to make videos - new tripod and daylamps etc:

though so far all I've managed to use my desk for is some admin work =/ :

This is a very difficult space to photo/film as it is v.high ceilings and box like, so it doesn't convey well the real size and dimension, but I will try at some point once I've decorated it more fully. Hope you have liked the makeshift tour though,
see's you tomorrow

PS my new class 
'Rock Your Online Shop'
is at a crazy Cyber Monday Week price, but the week is going quick, so ensure you go and check it out now if you are ready to make you handmade or artist shop *rock*:

Direct link here:

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

A Retiring Year of Uncertainty (& How I've Stayed Certain) - Daily Behind the Scenes Blog 2

Hi love

This is my second daily blog behind the scenes post, you can view yesterdays here. I'm summing up what I've been up to lately all in one week! (Yep, it's a mission! lol)

In this post I'm going to pretty much sum up my entire year

A couple of days ago I received a message from Connie the creator of 21 Secrets, letting me know that the class I contributed to last year is retiring. This got me to thinking, I thought about all the projects I did last year, including this one. Then I thought of all I've done this year, while still a lot it has definitely been a retiring year for me, and my creativity. 

A few months ago, perhaps even a few weeks ago, I would have said I would be ready for 2016 to be over. 

Not much had gone my way, my creativity while I wouldn't use the used 'blocked' was certainly lacking. Inner critics dug their claws in early on, replacing my usual creative angels and muses. To someone who has been used to creativity being a faithful companion for years now (with a few little hiccups occasionally along the way) it is quite a heavy loss to feel! I also lost some family members, one of whom I loved beyond description, and I cannot even type this now without tears taking over (while I am through deliberate intention a happy person and I celebrate his life more than his death I still get caught unawares but my emotions welling up like this and sticking in somewhere around my throat). I have felt stuck and uncertain as to where my future lay, a feeling that soon becomes overwhelming and chocking all in it's own right.

journal page from one of the....well you can guess what kind of day!

So yes, not long ago I'd have told you to 'take it away' if you'd have brought 2016 up to me (in an 'off with it's head' Queen of Hearts tone)

Now though, as I shared in yesterdays post, things are changing. Creativity has returned. Clarity is everywhere. Passion is back. The murkiness has lifted as I stopped focusing on the obscurity of 'the future' and decided to concentrate on now. Want do I want now? A new studio*? Sure! To create a new class? Righto, let's go! Some of that gorgeous chocolate cake? Oh just one piece then! Find the right biz coach? Oh err, okay! To plan an adventure? Lemme get my planner! To create some new DIY embellishments? Whoop whoop! A cuddle with my bum bum**? Come 'ere boy *smooshies*!

I now don't want this year to end! 

I feel there's so much I still want to do! I stopped being wrapped up in what had gone wrong (which just continues the spiral) and took notice of what great things are happening now.

I'm sharing this because at some points this year I really was at a loss, really was at my lowest, but I feel better now and wanted to share how I did it. 

Things are still as uncertain for me as they were before...

but what has shifted is my attitude towards that. In truth aren't things always uncertain. Isn't certainty just an illusion we make up? Something we pretend is there to feel safe, but something that doesn't really exist. I think many people have felt their illusions shift with the political shocks this year. I felt it with Brexit. The world as a whole appears to be feeling it with the US Presidental Election results. What I noticed though is that after this year, a year of personal uncertainty, the mass uncertainty could not keep me in fear for very long - not even for a few minutes. 

Things are uncertain right now. Things will always be uncertain. My job is to be okay in spite of this, in spite of whatever is going on in my life, or in the world at large. 

Tears may well in my eyes at times but I stay in my knowing that all is well. I stay certain, because it is not the job of the world to do that for me. Our emotions, our lives, our achievements and our desires are our own responsibility. 

And as this year retires I thank all the uncertainty that presented itself in my life for teaching me how to stay certain; 
how to create, and live in, my own stability. 

Till Tomorrow

* more on my new studio in tomorrow's post!
** my Sweepie-pie-bum-delicious -

As the 21 Secrets 2015 Classes are retiring this is the last chance to get some amazing classes from some of the best mixed media artists around (yep, including my humble self lol)
For 21 Secrets Spring click here

For 21 Secrets Fall click here

If you use the code 'RETIRE' you will get $30 off!
Happy Creating!
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