Friday, 15 May 2015

Wish to be a Better Blogger

A couple of this weeks RAW Journal Pages.
The bottom is one I just finished in my outdoor studio. I'm feeling very philosophical this evening and like I'm searching for something. If I find out what it is, I'll let you know. For now though this ramble is going to be a kind of weekly sum up, as apart from a couple of random pages such as above I haven't done much art this week due to being under the weather. 

The said under the weatherness prevented me doing a tutorial I reeeeeeeally had my heart set on doing for the Art Swap Group on Journal Workshops. Fortunately however I felt well enough yesterday to be able to still do some sort of video, so I'll post it for you here in case you haven't signed up to the Art Swap yet and might want to - I think you should, you'll enjoy it =)

If you'd like to join in this months Swap click here, or on the image below:

A couple of days ago I also posted a Facebook Giveaway to win free access to four of my classes, you can enter yourself by clicking on the image below:

A book was delivered today, that I'm in...or at least my art is. I like hundreds of other awesome artists have had work published in Dawn Devries Sokol's new book:
A World of Artist Journal Pages

here's my art journal pages (sorry for the bad pics - it's a mobile only post today apparently lol):

On receiving it I felt quite bad, as I've been feeling a terrible pull lately to post more on my blog. Especially when I think back to when I made these pages in the book (they're probably over two years old now) & how much I used to blog, and be part of a blogging community - joining in blog hops/linky lists and such (for instance I know there's like a million that happen on a friday that despite doing a Weekly Ramble blogpost every friday I just don't link up perhaps this week for the first time in a few years I'll link with Paint Party Friday & Art Journal Every Day to dip my toes into the waters again). I suppose that's what happens when you create an online community, you then lose access to others when you realise that just because you've added more to your days the cosmos still sticks to a solid 24hr regime. But no repining, Journal Workshops is my biggest online achievement & perhaps a biggest one in general & I would not change it for the world. I shall just resolve to do better at blogging!

Thank you (once again) for reading my rambings, 
much love

Friday, 8 May 2015

[Private Video] You Are All Right

Hi guys
Hard pushed for time today, so I took the intuition and did a video, which is right .......... 
Much love

Wanna RAW Journal?
Click the image below for further details
(or this link:

RAW Intuitive Journaling is a class about accessing and expressing your own inner truth in your journaling & unlike anything I have shared before. Class is open with instant access to the classroom, downloadable content, work-at-your-own-pace lifetime access and a very affordable price, click here for full details and preview etc:

Friday, 1 May 2015

It's What-Day?

I just realised it is Friday....yep, I know, been living it all day and only just noticed? well no, not really, I just mean I realised it's Friday in relation to this, that it is Weekly Ramble day and I haven't gotten anything prepared... forgive me, it's been a rough day. I'll spare you all the details but essentially been battling a migraine for a couple of days, so this is what the evening hours have looked like to me:

my cosy spot of quilts and cushions, my vintage nearing antique copy of Pride and Prejudice (brought from Jane Austens house none-the-less - there's a bookshop in it, not sure that's exactly original haha), chocolate etc

Reading Austen's sentences (that are really whole paragraphs) isn't especially easy going with a waning migraine, but nothing else will work when I felt like I did, it's gotta be p&p (at least it's not Sense and Sensibility, geez those sentences would send me into a complete meltdown - ok, I'm probably only talking to die-hard Austen fans at this point lol moving on). Anyhow I must be feeling increasingly better or I wouldn't be on here horrah! And somehow I have miraculously managed to still post the Monthly Challenge, click the image below to be taken to the new Challenge(s) and video:

The only other news I have is that RAW Class starts in a few days. Woohoo!!
And the Early Bird Bargain Price is still around but only until TOMORROW!
So please ensure you purchase it before then if you want it at a lovely 1/3rd off, you can sign up by clicking the ‘Join Raw Intuitive Journaling’ Button on the top right of the group page here, or click the image below

Sorry I haven't a more substantial a-Ramble, I shall try especially hard to remember that it's Friday next week lol
Much love
Have a great weekend

Friday, 24 April 2015

Cosmic Download Chronicles Part 2 (aka I'm flyinnng!)

Hello my gorgeous creative constellation (...I dunno, I'm flying high so I can only see you if you're amongst the stars!)

 I decided to do another vlog today, regarding an update on the 'Cosmic Download' blogpost I did a couple of weeks back. 

Lots of you were super intrigued about it so here's how I've flown on the current of my Cosmic Download (....and also what this doll's all about!):

Here's the RAAAW Intuitive Journaling Class preview
(and a special offer for you underneath

For full information of what this class is about (and to take advantage of this awesome 1/3rd off if it's a resounding YES to you) click the image above or this link here:

(here's a clue, it's a yes if you're heartgut or soul is saying so. If you don't listen then that's just strike one for not listening to your intuition in a long line that you and your art will now be missing out on by not being part of this class!)
'Honour Your True Feelings!'
(whatever they may be!)

have a great weekend
much love & arty hugs

Friday, 17 April 2015

My 15 Minute Art Journal ~ Video Share & Ideas

Hi guys
Quick little video share today.

I keep being asked to share my current journals, so here is a quick look at one that I've been using off and on since last July I think.

In the meantime what I'm currently working on my Creative Cosmic Download from last week (vlog here if you didn't see what that crazy was all about - !) so I'll see y'all later, 

Have a great weekend

PS the ART SWAP Group opened on Journal Workshops this week - it's a great way to make new artists friends and to make & recieve some original artwork too. You can join the group just to take a peek right now if you'd like, no obligating to swap though they'll be plenty of chances coming up to change your mind! Click the image to take a look:

Friday, 10 April 2015

How to Receive a Creative Cosmic Download


Okay so this week......ooooooh this week! 
I cannot really describe what has happened any better than in the vlog I just created below, but...

I am in awe.

I am in receptivity.

I am in appreciation.

I am in creative alignment.

I am in euphoric ecstatics!

So my vlog once again lives up to the term 'Weekly Ramble' that I have created here on fridays, bear this in mind - it's an off the cuff, unplanned {downloaded} chat. It is about things I am SUPER excited about which makes me more incoherent at times I expect...though I'm not sure, as I'm the one in my head it all makes perfect sense to me. Hope it does to you too, here it is:

{ The mentioned Birthday Bash can still be assessed here (but the energy won't be happening any more obviously as the event is over but there are still HUNDREDS of comments and shares and pictures in that group that still hold it's vibrancy). And the 'How to Create Big Projects' Video for those that may have missed it can be viewed here. }

Day of the Birthday Bash Art Party - Sweepiebum getting in on the action (or perhaps just noticing something else had mama's attention for the WHOLE very dare it!)

And so to wrap up (in case you missed it in the vlog) how do you receive a creative cosmic download on an super crazy EPIC scale? Simple answer is you let go of the reins and let your intuition bring it to you (which is what the new class will be ALL about). 

Stay tuned to Journal Workshops for the new Art Swap Group and Journaling Class that'll be coming out soon, eeeeek I'm so excited (and still shocked I'm even mentioning this before I have even one duck in a row, creative cosmic download what are you doing to me??? Eeeek - I've so many 'eeek's in me I'm bouncing off the walls!). 

Much love, Have a fabulously creative weekend =)

Friday, 3 April 2015

I Dreamt I Was Painting

Last night, for the first time ever, I dreamt that I was painting.

I dream (and remember every detail) pretty much every night. Usually too complex for deciphering, more fantastical than any sci fi novel, often nasty and mostly not what I would be picking to spend my time thinking about if I had a choice. I now feel I have turned a corner.

Perhaps my subconscious has caught up with all this waking time holding a paintbrush...though I wouldn't bet on it. But I will revel in the dream I had last night, which is not in the least difficult to decipher.

Last night I was painting and as I looked at the work a great sense of safety washed over me. I was in the right place. 

Although I could not see the painting clearly, I did have a sense of it. It was warm and loving and drawing me in with every stroke. Every addition was intuitive, but intentional. Every single thing I added to the painting was like a little exchange between me and it. In return it gifted every addition to its layers with a reflection, bordering on revelation, back to me instantaneously.

The exchange of truth with this painting kept building, until it had given (and it's layers held) every answer to every question I've ever asked.

I woke up....and cannot remember any of them!

Well, that's not entirely true, I do remember the overall general reflection of the painting as a whole. It is perhaps the biggest (albeit simplest) reflection of them all. It was this:
This is important. And relaxing. And easy
You need to be here everyday.

So off I go, right now.
Who can argue with a dream?

Friday, 27 March 2015

How I Create 'Big' Projects - Behind the Scenes Video

Hello my creative friends
Less of a ramble this week and more of a 'Behind the Scenes' kinda video for you this friday. It's the video I mentioned in my vlog last week, regarding how I create 'big' projects as I'm being asked more and more for help by artists with dreams of creating a project that they are feeling overwhelmed by. 

What I share here is not the right or only way to go about creating big projects, but these 3 techniques combined together help me deal with all points of bringing a project to life. The best I advice I can give regarding this is to create the right structures for yourself to help you stay on track when all the twists and turns show up (and they will). 

Birthing a big project isn’t always easy so if you are busy creating something big, beautiful and scary I wish you luck in finding your own way to make the journey understandable, easier and fun too. Here's the video:

Have a great weekend
I'm now off to pick a suggestion for our new
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