Sunday, 22 May 2016

How to Start Being Creative

Hello Lovely

Quick video message this week, but an important one. You ARE the chosen one!

What, where or how are you needing to give yourself permission??

Leave a comment below if you wish to show up and share, hold yourself accountable to that which you need to give yourself permission to do or just be seen (I read every comment so your affirmation will be heard and held!)

Much love

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Finishing Your Art Journal Pages #2 ...Plus Other Videos

...The Art of Overwhelm

. This video particularly deals with the overwhelm of having too many art supplies to choose from, ever come across this?? Yeah me too, here's how I get over it, quickly...

Do you have any tricks for getting over this overwhelm? Or deal with any other kinds of overwhelm in art? (pst if it's to do with having too many ideas oh boy do I know that one! I did this video below to address that)


Yesterday I also posted the Monthly Challenge Video mentioned in the Finishing Your Art Journal Pages Video above which you can view here:

If you're not a member of this Group it's a great place to be, and to be a part of it you just need to click the 'Join Monthly Challenge' Button at the top of the Monthly Challenge Group ( & it'll let you in immediately (assuming you are a member of Journal Workshops, if not just sign up here: once I've approved your account you will get access to this, and a bunch of other free arty offerings, easy peasy!)

Hope to see you around there. 
Much love

Friday, 8 April 2016

Current In Progress Mixed Media Art Journal Pages

Hello (my how beautiful you are!)

Back to a proper 'weekly ramble' format this week, meaning this post is a quick snapshot of where my creativity is at & view of in progress stuff rather than any completed things.

My creativity has been going crazy the past week, but most especially the past 48 hours. I literally got zero sleep last night; ideas kept jumping, twisting and turning through my brain, I barely put my light out long enough for my eyes to notice let alone close. I am running on fumes today but I think it's gonna be worth it I have FINALLY found the structure(s) I want to create the Daily Rituals Class in (a class I have been trying to mould, shape and create for what feels like forever, all about about creating a daily creative journaling practice that supports you). So today I took my Ideas Journal to my outdoor studio and had a loooong Planning Session (a concept for creating I share in my Creative Goal Journaling Class) to form the Classes that will be (hopefully, with a bit of work) be coming soon...

The other main area my creativity has been channelled the past few days is journal pages.

Here's some in progress ones: 

Puppy dog needs some more layers and pen work I think

This is a 5 min collage I think I'm gonna leave as is, and do some more of these, very freeing

Here's some progress shots of a now finished one:

So that's the snapshot of my creative week. 
How has yours been? Share in the comments below, I'd love to hear (I read every one!) 

Have a great weekend
Much love

PS don't forget to check out the Monthly Art Challenge Video if you haven't already, you can find it here:

Friday, 1 April 2016

Using What You Create Art Challenge (with Video & Printable)


The Aprils Art Challenge is now OPEN on Journal Workshops with art video and free printable, where this month we are going to set about using what we’re creating.

Okay, okay I'll tell you what it is but only on here so shhh I didn't really share it m'kay? okay, we're making something I LOVE: journal spots! On the surface it seems simple enough challenge right? Well in the video I share creating my journal spots out of recycling, share my journal spot drawer (yep I have a huge journal spot drawer....if only that were the totality of my incriminating paper supplies!), share the pages in my everyday journal where I have used the journal spots (I set myself a challenge to make create journal spot pages everyday for a week) so there's actually more to think about than creating journal spots (but in an awesome, creative way). I also share a free journal spot printable for everyone to use.

Here’s a sneak peek of one of those weekly pages:

Hop on over to the challenge by clicking the image above, 
hope you enjoy it =)
Much love

If you’ve never heard of the Challenge Group before it is a free monthly art date that I host on my Art Community, Journal Workshops. A bunch of us creatives get together to... well...create and also share our work, inspire and encourage one another.

It's a great place to be, and to be a part of it you just need to click the 'Join Monthly Challenge' Button at the top of the Monthly Challenge Group ( & it'll let you in immediately (assuming you are a member of Journal Workshops, if not just sign up here: then you'll get access to this, and a bunch of other free arty offerings, easy peasy!)

Friday, 25 March 2016

Finishing Your Art Journal Pages New Video Series!!

Hello my creative darling

This week I'm sharing the first in a new little video series, about taking your pages from backgrounds to complete pages. 

Each video will focus on a different theme to do with finishing your art journal pages, the first is on the art of listening to your gut, so I talk a lot about my class 'Raw Intuitive Journaling' as that is where a lot of this is from/where I mainly teach the process. You can take my Raw Intuitive Journaling Class either by going to my online art community
or you can buy it through my Etsy Shop: 

So here is the first video 'Finishing Your Art Journal Pages #1 - The Art of Listening', click on the image to watch enjoy =) 

Come back next week for the next video where we may deal with other themes to finishing your art journal pages such as the different overwhelming factors that can stop you finishing an art journal page or focusing on ways to mix written journaling and words into your art. See you there!
Weekly Ramble's are blogposts I put out on Friday just to share whatever is happening in my art world, regardless of where I'm at in a process, or in my creative flow, or my studio etc the posts are more about capturing a glimpse of the middle than they are showing the shiny finish...though sometimes the shiny finish might be just what you get!

Friday, 18 March 2016

Start Something New to Finish Something Old...

My New Shift Project, The U-Bend of Creativity, The Difference Between Motivation & Inspiration and Other Stories all feature in this new 'Start Something New to Finish Something Old' video:

click image to view video

Challenges, Resources, Classes etc mentioned in the video that may help you get your projects finished are below: 

March Art Challenge - Finish Yo Projects: 
Creative Goal Journaling Class: 
Leonie Dawson's Goal Workbooks: 
Arty Page Tabs Digital Collage Sheets: 

Hope you have a wonderful (-ly creative) weekend
Much love

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sending You the Habitual State of Love

I’m not a selfie girl (in fact I’m the one who suddenly disappears when you whip the camera out) but tonight the desire was overwhelming. Ever felt so lucky that you just had to capture the moment? Nothing particular occurred, nothing out of the ordinary, just an inner knowledge of peace…and appreciation. Appreciation of having this body. Of being human. Of being alive. Of being alive in this time right here, right now. Of having such options, amenities and possibilities. Of understanding how lucky we are, even in the worst of times, to have all that we have – and even in dire times to have the potential and capacity to find our way through it to the other side and know we will be stronger for it. It is a full feeling, yet a natural one. It is the feeling that is supposed to be our habitual state, and we remember that when we sense it. It is the feeling of trusting everything will always be okay, for all of us. 

It is the feeling of love, not the kind which we label and attach to a person or thing, just pure love and I wanted to send it onto (and hopefully into) you too.

Peace and Love
Jennibellie x

Friday, 5 February 2016

Invite To My (Art) Party...

Hello beautiful

Welcome, I have a special invite for you. If you're a regular reader you may have realised I've not been posting my usual Friday Weekly Ramble blogposts so far in 2016, basically because I've been chilling. 
Putting the Feet Up.
Filling the Well.
Plotting World Domination.
Creating Some Art.
Drinking Hot Drinks.
Emptying the Mind.
Nourishing the Spirit.
Taking in Peace. 

Apparently in Astrology when you are coming up to your birthday you do get tired, because you are at the end of your cycle and you need the sun in your sign to renew & energise you again...or some such thing. I dunno for sure, I'll let you know if I feel any more go-go-go after my birthday in a couple of weeks.

...which leads me on to inviting you to my Birthday Party - if you come I promise to be lively for that, I'll bring the art techniques and you bring your paint brushes!!

The Birthday Bash is a free event on Journal Workshops, come join by clicking here:

The idea of the Birthday Bash is for each of us to have a full day of creativity (or as close to a full day as what you can get) but in communion with other creative beauties via the incredibleness that our little space on the interwebs (Journal Workshops)! 

Click here to see a little video sharing what it’s all about and to join the group (it's easy peasy to join, you just click the 'Join' button on the page you are taken to):

I sure hope to see you there =)
Have a great weekend!!

PS: If you are not a member of Journal Workshops but like the sound of joining the Birthday Bash that's great too, just create a profile for yourself on the site by signing up here: - go'on, it's fun & free!!
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