Saturday 19 July 2014

U r an *ARTIST* Video & My 'Regular' Journal Vlog

Hi guys

so some of you may have already seen this video I posted yesterday sneakily here, on the issue so many of us have on claiming the word 'artist' as a description of ourselves:

But I also filmed this vlog while at the Chamber. It is about what could be considered my 'regular' form of journaling. I thought it was about time I shared it, though as I say in the vlog 'seeing as I share all my others', but then I realised I actually have TONS of written style journals that I don't share - goal setting, gratitude journals and many more besides. But then they really are mostly writing so probably v.boring to look at...hope this one isn't though. I also lay down a challenge if you would like to discover the joys of regular journaling for yourself:

Much love & Sweepiebum kisses


  1. Thank you, your tutorials on yoootooob are fab. I am an artist ;o))

  2. Thank you for this lovely post. I also have been asking myself lately what it means to say: I am an artist. I wrote about it on my blog last week in an artsy blog hop around the world. Through this blog hop I also met another artist and her blog where she also wrote a post about: 'Am I an artist?'. It is such a coincidence that you now also cover this same topic. I also love your walk through your written journal and your challenge to write in a journal every day. After reading the book: 'the artist way' by Julia Cameron over a year ago I have started writing in a journal most mornings for about 10 minutes I set my timer. This regular journal writing has really helped me a lot with my creative journey. I would highly recommend it for any artist. And with artist I am referring to anyone who likes to create art. Being an artist is not a title you get based on your level of skills or your formal qualifications. But a title you give yourself for the choice you make to live a creative life and embark on a creative journey and share this love for creating with others. Thank you Jennibellie for sharing your creative journey with us. It is very inspiring for anyone who likes to create to see other people creating.

  3. For some reason Google will not let me comment on YouTube, so I wan ted to do it here. I'm one of the people who asked for more information on how you prep the journals where you do a little prep ahead of time. So thank you for showing how you do that.

    I'm also someone who has been journaling for years, and like you I can go a long time in between ''sessions" but the current one has lasted about 5 years. I do not know how I would have survived without the practice during the years my husband was sick with dementia. There were months were the only human contact I had was 5 seconds with a clerk in a store, or the time with a waitress when we went out to eat. So the journal was where I had my "conversations" even if they were only with myself.

    I also found that during the last year he was alive and the first year after he died, when I was mourning my loss, journaling saved my sanity.

    It was also what brought back my desire to be creative. And I don't know what I'd do without that too.


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