Friday 4 July 2014

Weekly Ramble #4 ~ More Time For Art

Hi-ho! I am in the process of making videos and nearly forgot that I have a weekly ramble to write...but woohoo that means I have actually been getting back into the flow of being creative, which I've not felt like I have been much of the past few months.

I've been making art:
even at times when I really haven't felt like I have wanted to...

I have done couple of pages like this, I posted this one on Journal Workshops stating it was no masterpiece but I'd had a bad day, and it is proof once again to do art even against your own will, to feel better, which I did afterwards =) 

Spending time in my space to get inspired again. 
If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen this image I posted last night with the caption 'things are changing in the outdoor studio' :

And here is a peek of how it has turned out this far:

still going to do some more lil bits but here's an idea

...think I may do an updated video tour of this space once done as it finally feels like 'my space' is being stamped across it =)

And as I said I have also been making videos, 
and just because you were beautiful enough to read thus far here is an early look at a video I'll be posting over the weekend (which while the process of making a video might be considered creative, the actual content itself has absolutely nothing to do with art haha)...but I thought I'd post it while I am busy working on my other arty bits n pieces:

Hope you are managing to get your art in too =)
Much love


  1. hi Jenny, i thoroughly enjoyed your friday night ramble! i'm happy to hear you are getting back into the flow of being creative, even when you don't feel like it (boy can i relate to that) i love the look on sweepie's face as you re-configure your art space "here she goes again" lol. i love those 2 shelves/units against the wall-what great storage and organization! it also appears your pom-pom collection has grown since you first moved into your cozy little space :) hope to see an updated video of your space once your finished. and i LOVED the video about your nails!!! so informative, it's made me decide to start taking better care of my nails! thanks for sharing, have a great weekend. <3

  2. Your Outside studio looks WOW, your colours and style is so good. when I get out of the mood I am completely baffeled, the difference between a real artist and a sill old one like me. Keep going Love from me.

  3. THANK YOU SO JEALOUS. I'm so tired have so much going on I haven't 'arted' in a long time, weeks? Still another week of this 'stuff' going on, I hope to relax and just enjoy some siting and creating time,you inspire me that it's just ok to have these times.... I miss art, I miss me, but sometimes there just isn't time. I hope to fix back up my little tiny "me" space and do something soon. XXX (hugs x 3)


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