Saturday 12 July 2014

Travel Kit & Journal Flip

Hey guys
today I have the remaining travel art video that I have to share.

 In this one I share my biggest ever travel art kit, and then a flip through of my completed holiday journal. 

Hope you enjoy

Have an awesome weekend
Much love


  1. Oh just the thing I am looking for. I am frustrated at the moment being laid up with my operated foot, and am enjoying the video. I have always wanted to make one.

  2. Love the journal. I like pockets in my travel journals too for all those brochures. It looks beautiful where you are. :)

  3. Loved the video and seeing what you take with you when you travel. Those cases look fab! Glad you got some journaling done while away. Particularly loved the poppies you painted. :)

  4. Jennibellie,
    Where can I buy the art pack holder for my stuff like yours

  5. I am so inspired by your I have done a lot of your projects you give excellent directions

  6. hello
    I enjoy your art work a lot and get inspired by the way you tell about your work. in your latest you were visiting the yorkshire dales ( i go there in august!) and you showed us the travelkit. would you share were you got you craft bag from? i am looking for it on internet but cant find is, maybe you know the company that will help. thanks and have a great day. renje heidstra from the netherlands


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