Tuesday 8 November 2011

AEDM & NaNoWriMo Day 8

Today's creation for AEDM is a watercolour painting, in the faces sketchbook I painted yesterday:

What is it about giving a new look to a old book that suddenly makes you want to work in it immediately? It's like it's a brand new one, it's magic lol

Lovely Tracey Fletcher King left me a comment on yesterday's post saying how she loves having a pile of sketchbooks around her, and I have to say I'm the same with journals, so thought I'd take a snap of those currently stacked in the corner of my desk: 
There's something about stacking that's so strangely satisfying, I can't say what, but there is. The biggest quantity of possessions I have is books, every nook of my bedroom is piled high with them, and even when they are on a bookshelf they are still stacked, not lined up. These are just the journals I have been working in the past week and I still have to stack them: weirdo!

I also did a page in my horrid art journal, trying to fill it up:

Day 7's final word count for NaNoWriMo was: 1,727

Totalling: 9,406, but I'm going to have to take everyone's advice over the past week and start ignoring the word count, as it's driving me crackers! I'm not enjoying writing at all because it's become a chore - which in my world means it's never going to get done! (Chore's suck bum, majorly) (...I don't know what suck bum means exactly, I just know I use it a LOT when I'm not happy lol)
See you tomorrow, Jennibellie x


  1. Ooh never let it become a chore. Yes, you're probably right - ignore the word count and write down what wants to come out of you at that precise moment.

    I love stacking things too - especially books with dangly bits and ribbons and things!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Love the look of a sketch with paint! All of the blacks, grays...looks awesome!

  3. Brilliant watercolour! Books look good stacked and jornals too. It is all to do with the spines!
    Gwen xx

  4. Your watercolor is amazing! Now that's a talented use of the medium! There must be something about artists that we love our stacks - journals, sketchbooks, altered books, photo books, how to books, fabric, random journal pages, collage materials - all so pretty when it's stacked and waiting!

  5. Ah, I did some girlie faces today too. But mine are awful which was the point of my post. Yours, is fantastic. She is so pretty.

  6. I love love a stack of journals and sketchbooks, it makes me happy just to look at them!

  7. The watercolor portrait is so nice! I want to attempt a face or faces sometime during AEDM, but am nervous about it so keep putting it off...

  8. Your sketch is gorgeous!! I love a palette of blacks, greys and white...quite striking.

    Your journals look awesome stacked up like that. I like all their bling too. I tend to do the same with my journals - art or written.

    Yes, let the word count go and you will probably be amazed at how easy you will find it to write easily again. The word count makes it an added pressure and chore that has to done.

    Happy AEDM,

  9. all chores suck bum... I am so using that all day today... great watercolour and I am loving seeing that stack of journals... it calms my soul to have them all lined up and I have them stashed in different places so I can always see different ones... mine aren't all pretty like yours... thinking I have to start altering and making them glow like yours... xx

  10. Your sketch is fabulous. I'm going to have to think of new wonderful adjectives to describe your art! Suck bum?!? hmmmmm...doesn't paint a very pretty picture. LOLOL

  11. Love the sketch, and I'm another with a stack of journals - ring bound, leather bound, all shapes and sizes. I've even managed to complete one, only another 8 or 9 to go. Unless I buy more of course :)

  12. I adore your watercolor - so many lovely nuances!! I'm a stacker too!! So nice to see yours! :)

  13. Beautiful journals - and, yes I also pile and stack and line books... I simply love books, but I have also learned over the years to let go of those that I am sure I will only read once. They usually go to charity. But there are so many books that I would never let go.
    Love your journal pages, the face is intense and reminds me of someone - but who?

  14. I'd love a stack of journals, unfortunately I don't work in mine often enough!!!
    And yes, who is that familiar face? I'm sure I've seen her somewhere ;)


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