Tuesday 1 November 2011

AEDM & NaNoWriMo Day 1 & Giveaway Winner

November is AEDM NaNoWriMo Month Whoop!

Today's creation for AEDM is:
It is a junk journal I made from a pamphlet/leaflet I had similar to this one below (which will probably also face the same fate one day):
First I painted all the pages, then grabbed some packaging board (you know that greyboard that stiffens envelopes) which I decoupaged in newspaper to strengthen it, painted then added as the covers.
I painted the paper thoroughly in the middles but I like layers so I left the edges rough to hint at the original pages underneath:

Today's word count for NaNoWriMo is: (currently - it's 5pm here) 341 - but I realised I am a night owl and will usually write away up to (and over) midnight so it's pretty useless doing a blog post for the same day's word count, as it probably won't even be done yet. Therefore after today my Nanowrimo word update will for the previous day's total.

Finally today is the day I said I would pick a winner for this Zine & Ephemera giveaway:
However, I also said in a previous post I would also add another extra I have been recently working on. So here you go - it is to be the winners choice as to which one they want, you may pick any of the below digital ephemera college sheet kits. Each kit contains 5 sheets:

Hollywood Star Cigarette Cards

British Costume Collectable Tea Cards 

Winner - please click on the links below each picture, which will take you to my Etsy shop listing for each set, if you want further details to choose which one you want.

So onto picking the winner. All names went into this vintage tin:
and were shook up
the winner is
Congratulations Patsy! I'll contact you soon for shipping/emailing details.

Thank you to everyone who entered too - all of you who think my blog is worth your time to read mean a great deal to me :)
Much love, Jennibellie xx


  1. Jenibelle,
    So much fun! Excited to be discovering your work through AEDM. I have ideas in my head about doing Contentpallooza which is another offshoot of NaNoWriMo, but wondering how I can possibly fit it all in. So I'll be watching and cheering you on.

  2. You don't do anything half way do you! What a bang to start the month with! LOVE your journal. I make them from children's board books - I have a friend who likes to peel the slick paper off them which makes them more receptive to acrylic paint. Nothing like having a blank journal page to make one start in on *something!*. Thanks for visiting my site from AEDM. You can bet I'll keep an eye on yours too! (BTW we share "Belle"...was my Grandmother's name, my Mom's middle name, my first name that I don't use, skipped my daughter - her name is Jessie...just couldn't do Jessie Belle, hopped to my granddaughter Avabelle). Nice to meet you!

  3. Oh I love Patsy's blog and she always leaves such thoughtful comments on mine!I'm happy for you Patsy! Congratulations! And thanks for your generosity Jennibellie!

  4. I love that I get a jenniebellie hit every day for the month... have to get over my making journals fear!!! see you tomorrow xx

  5. Nice journal - it's been while since I've made one, but I'm wondering if it's time for a revisit.

    *adds to list of things to do*

  6. Wow, your journal is really cool, what a neat idea. I think Nano fixed their site so hopefully we can be buddies now, my name on there is mtliban.

  7. I agree with the pact thing to get us through to the end of the month... only 29 to go so we are sooo on our way xx

  8. FIRST: Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting in such a lovely way.

    SECOND: I love the journal. I started making art like that and then just dropped it. I must have gotten distracted by something else. I think I could incorporate one or two into my theme.... we'll have to wait and see....

    Love the colors, the layers, the textures... beautifully rendered.

    I am imagining you now, writing away and upping your word count!

  9. How very exciting! I am soooo happy! Hugs from me to you! :^) patsy

  10. okay starting to feel a bit stalkerish here commenting twice, but your email keeps bouncing back...

    I have given you an award on my blog... come by and have a look and maybe you may want to pass it on... looking forward to seeing what you have been up to this week..
    with love
    tracey xx

  11. What an awesome journal...thanks for sharing your process too.

    Following along via AEDM,

    Serena :)

  12. I tried to comment last night but wasn't able to post for some reason...wanted to say I love your junk journal! I rescued a pamphlet book thingy out of the recycling bin the other day thinking I could surely make *something* with it. Now I know! Happy AEDM :)


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