Thursday 24 November 2011

AEDM & NaNoWriMo Day 24

Today for AEDM is the final layer of the canvas:
I'm not sure if it is the last layer yet, we'll see if I end up fiddling more.
I added an enamel pendant from my uni days on her dress
Some chipboard, gem trees and stamping.

Day 23's final word count for NaNoWriMo was: 5,080, was in the zone yesterday, so hoping it happens again today. Totalling: 30,185


  1. She is looking very well-dressed. I often don't know when to stop:)
    The little houses add that touch of 'comfort' and bring added dimension in an interesting way.
    She is lovely!

  2. I left you a comment , but I dont think it went though!
    I was saying that she looks very well-dressed and that the little houses add a touch of comfort:)

  3. Your art piece is so wonderful! I really love her. And of course, I was also drawn to the hearts on the background as well as her enamel heart pendant! :-) The sayings give so much meaning to the whole piece. You did a very wonderful job! :-)


  4. Beautiful! The pendant is such a nice touch, too.

    Way to go on the word count, girl! Wow! I bet your fingers are sore. :)

  5. She's looking good--really like the message, too. And wow, great NaNo word count yesterday. Yea!

  6. WOW...your canvas looks great! I love all the little extras you added and a great message too! Well done on your word count of luck with today ~ xo

  7. I could have sworn I'd left a comment earlier, but I guess not.

    The canvas looks superb, and congrats on teh word count.

    Also, thanks for the comment today, I'm honoured by your words. :)

  8. Hello! I just discovered your blog while browsing Hot To craft videos. I love the fact that you recycle so much of what you use in your art--thank you!

  9. Well, this is just totally wonderful. Thanks for giving us the birds-eye view of its evolution. Was exciting to see. And I know your sentiment was expressioning you and not me, but it made me think about how I don't really agree with it, lol. I'm perfectly happy staying where I am, winkwink.


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