Monday 7 November 2011

AEDM & NaNoWriMo Day 7

Today's creation for AEDM is a face I drew onto recycled board like my friend's ornament yesterday. But then I decided I didn't want to hang her or something similar so I grabbed one of my trusty Winsor and Newton Sketchbooks:

I love them, they are lovely quality paper and really quite cheap (if you shop right) so I brought all sizes, thinking I can just use them for random doodling, cut them out & add them to the art journals I have bound myself, then once all the paper had gone use the boards for painting or more journals. The trouble is though I CANNOT DESTROY A BOOK! Yes I can alter them, or even turn them into something else completely if I know it will breathe new life into them, but every time I pulled out a doodle I heard it saying (in a Dobby the house-elf type voice) 'master, please no master, save me!'. So I've designated each of them with a role, the smallest one in the picture is to be a journal for practising faces. Here's the before:
and after it was painted & board added to it:
The faces inside are more 'serious' sketches than her, so it's a little misleading but I didn't care. I went all girly with scraps of fabric tied to the spine with an old bracelet dangle, simply hooked to the top spiral binding by the clasp. And who knows I may end up drawing a few more cartoony looking faces inside too. I ended up painting the back too:

Day 6's final word count for NaNoWriMo was: 1,397 - boooooooo!

Totalling: 7,679, still behind should have been at 10,000 eeek. So today I'm even further behind and, really, it's too early to be lagging. I'm going to have to try my hardest to turn it around otherwise this time next week I'll be so far back my post will be a resignation. It's not that I even find writing hard, argh get it together you frustrating girl! I did originally sign up for this for fun, can you tell?? Lol

Happy week one finished to all doing AEDM or NaNoWriMo!!!!! Xxxxxxx


  1. Quit being so hard on yourself about the writing!!! It'll get done when the time is right. For now, what you're doing is simply some of the happiest, free art I'm seeing and I love it.

  2. There's nothing better than ripping a book to shreds for use in art; providing it's already damaged, otherwise I just can't do it.

    Love what you've done with yours, and there's nothing wrong with your cartoony faces - they look better than my serious ones :)

    Well done on reaching day 7. Only another 21 to go! ;)

  3. That journal cover is awesome! I'm already impressed you still write everyday, who cares about the word count? ;-)

  4. I love your faces and what you have done with your journal. Enjoy whatever you write and see what happens. Of course that advice comes from someone who has never done Nanowrimo because for me it would be too much pressure. I really enjoyed seeing your work today.

  5. Hi Jenniebelle, thanks so much for your lovely compliments and stopping by! Your sketchbook is adorable! I'm so glad you found me,I will follow you too although I'm terrible at blogging! :) patti

  6. Beautiful! It is so lively and full of promise. Wonderful embellishments.
    I´m all for "purpose" sketch books too. :)

  7. Hi Jennibellie;Really nice job on the cover to your journal. I cannot destroy a book either...! Good luck on your Nanowrimo!
    Hugs and blessings

  8. Love the faces, love the journal. Your eco-friendly box is fantastic :-)
    Anne x

  9. You have 7,679 more words written today than you had a week ago...

    So there :-p

    p.s. Really cute journal :)

  10. I would find it hard to destroy a book too. Your faces are beautiful with a touch of whimsy. I love what you did with the journal cover!

    Good luck with catching up on the word count.

    Have a creative day,


  11. beautiful work!

    And as a Harry Potter fan, I love that your books speak to you in a Dobby voice. :-)

  12. Love your faces and the artful way you embellish them. Bet you have an AWESOME art studio.

  13. Hi Jenni,

    Hi girl!! I am so loving your newest journal "All" the girls are Beautiful!!
    I think I need to learn how to draw some of these sweet faces.
    Don't worry about writing so much!!
    You are appreciated all the time..even when your not writing.

    Love, Hugs and Blessings,


  14. You will probably have a huge day and catch up all the words and then fly ahead... maybe you should be gentle on yourself... love the multiple journal thing... I do the same... one for every mood and whim... something satisfying about having a great pile of sketch books around me xx


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