Friday, 27 September 2013

Making Zines Vlog

Okay so as many of you know (having brought some already from my shop, or chatted to me about them over email, or traded some with me, or just read about them previously on here etc) I am a bit of a zine-nut.

I cannot help it, that was what a journal page {below} I posted on my social media type sites was about yesterday - me trying to resist the temptation to make yet another zine that is currently residing in my head!

So I'm posting this vlog, of me in full zine-making mode, to try and envelope others into the zine fold as it is obviously an obsession of mine that will not you are likely to see more of them here anyways I thought why not.

 Here's a mini glossary of terms I use in the vlog, just to bring you up to speed:

Zine: A self publication, usually of pamphlet size
Cut n Paste: Traditional way to make a zine visually appealing, using 'cut n' paste' collage
Perzine: Abbreviation used for 'personal-zine', meaning one's own life is the main topic
Zinester: A person that reads/makes/trades/sells zines
Distro: A collective of zines; someone or place that distributes several people's zines

Okay if you would like to see my zines you can find what I currently have in this section of my shop, I am now off to go and...guess what?? lol

Much love


  1. I hadn't heard of zines until i found you on youtube.
    The funny thing is that i used to make them with a group of people when i was in my late teens - early 20s (I'm now 41) with creative writing and art in them. Hmmm i might give thus a go. Thank you.

  2. Completely fun to watch you even draw the closing credits in colourful form! lol I very much appreciate the urban dictionary for those terms -- was clueless on a few of them! :-D ((((big hugs)))) to you and Sweepie!!

  3. I made my first zine a year or two ago. I only printed out 5-6 and I still have some that I never sold. I think I might try again sometime soon though, thanks to your inspiration. :)

  4. I am fairly new to art journaling and just discovered all your wonderful YouTube videos. Love your blog and artwork too!

  5. Your zines look so pretty and creative. I don't know a lot about them and didn't know black and white was traditional, but I suppose that since I think I heard of them back in the 60s--well, reproducing them would have been in black and white (or blue and white) on the smelly old hand-cranked roller copy machines (can't remember what they were called--mimeograph?). Makes sense that they'd traditionally be one color. :)

  6. I did a layout recently with black & white, so Zines sound pretty cool to me, & adding poetry with photo's along with maybe a bit of a story or even a old haunted house to give it some ghoulish effect as well. I would love to try this. Wonderful ideas!

  7. If anybody wants to try a mini-zine, my friend Ciara did an excellent tutorial on my blog. It's very approachable and fun!
    It's nice if somebody doesn't want to go through the extra of binding it together.


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