Saturday, 7 September 2013

Making Stuff, Making Stuff, Making Stuff...

I just wanted to do a quick post to let you know I am still alive

I often feel like if I've not posted a lot of 'new' that week that people might forget I'm here, making things
 which is silly, especially as I have posted stuff not only two days ago...but still when I'm behind the scenes 'making things, making things, making things' I get impatient at the fact I'm NOT SHARING NOW lol 'coz that's my fav bit this post is just sneaky peeky pics at somethings I've been up to.

*cough* new art zines *cough*

I've mainly been making new products for my online shop, as I said in a recent post, but then when I said that I meant new stuff that just needed the finishing touches to them however now I'm a like a crazy woman that's been making even more stuff. 

Not all of it's for sale exactly, 
some is just funky packaging
...just because I love sending out the *best* parcels ever lol 
'coz that's my fav bit of this area ;)

my new large envelopes to transport some upcoming handmade art supplies: 

gorgeous no?!

I've also been making videos...well just the actual parts 
where I record me making something, 
because as I may have already mentioned 
I am in full 'making things, making things, making things' mode

Upcoming vlog (...when I get around to editing mode lol):

and finally journal page I shared on flickr, facebook etc yesterday:

So that's all for now folks, 
don't forget there is a giveaway on my facebook page at the minute for anyone who wants a chance at winning some of my new giant art journal page postcard prints:

(Names drawn tomorrow so hurry)

Happy weekend
Much love


  1. OOoh i hope i'm the lucky one! I luv your posts. x

  2. wish i got the butterfly envelope it's yummm

  3. Can see you're a busy busy little bee there ... making all kinds of lovely pretties! :-) That butterfly envelope is beautiful, Jenny!! (((hugs))) to you and Sweepie! XOXO

  4. Ooooooh so much good stuff on etsy! Did you do a video of your new journal page? I love love love it

  5. Can't wait till you, reveal the rest of your projects. Want to learn more, more of your stuff!!I want to learn,
    all I can about Journaling, mix media, paints, recycling items, Book making. Love it ALL!!!!
    Betty from Texas

  6. Hi Jennibellie
    I LOVE your art!! Your confidence has inspired me to paint, art journal, & even try new things like paper beads using my junk mail!! it!:)🎨
    I would love a set of your gorgeous postcards!!
    From across the pond...many thanks to you & hello to Sweepiebum:)

  7. Oh my! Luv, luv, luv it all! Thanks for this opportunity. But mostly thank you for the videos. They really help me in my art journaling.

  8. Beautiful envelope!
    Not on facebook, so I shall just congratulate the winner from here. :)

  9. Your work is so beautiful...I would love to win the goodies...thank you so much for the opportunity to win!

    Grandma Shelley


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