Sunday 26 May 2013

The Bottom Line of Play & DIY Modelling Paste Tute

I've a SUPER easy video tutorial today...well the formula is super easy, the technique is a little bit more...well, I can't say technical because it's all guess work really, as I'll explain later in the video.

The bottom line of getting it right....PLAY!

I know most people won't need me to tell them this but I still do get emails saying 'I tried this and I couldn't get it to work', or my favourite 'I can't draw a straight line'. When I ask how many times the said thing was attempted, or the said line drawn, it's usually a total of...ONE. Yep. Nearly every time. Occasionally more in the case of drawing. If we are honest we have all gotten put off too easily at one time or another when something didn't happen *instantly* how we wanted it to.

But here's the thing, and with drawing especially, it 
TAKES TIME and practice
and this technique is another that can take a little perfecting to get right too.

But Play is NEVER a waste of time. 

So allow the two, three, four or even two, three, four hundred attempts to get yourself where you want to be. It's just PLAY.  And playtime is NEVER a waste of time (yeah I know I said it twice, it's just THAT true! ;) )

Have fun...

much love


  1. I'm so inspired - thanks for the video Jennibellie
    ~ Terry ~

  2. Well now that's just brilliant!! Gesso is inexpensive and so is the baking soda! I LOVE what you did with the heart and tiles -- what a wonderful and delux embellishment for little cost! Nicely done, Jenny!! (((hugs))) and share with Sweepie! XOXO

  3. Love the fine gritty texture! Must try!

  4. Play is never a waste of time - how right... And now, I want to have a look at your video!

  5. Thank you for sharing, the idea is fantastic.zouzou

  6. I love how you're always finding ways to make your own art stuff from what you have on hand.

  7. I love it. Looks like lotsa fun. What I'm wondering is how you cut the tiles. Wasn't the stuff too hard to cut through? xoxo to you and Sweepie.

    Kathy (queenbee)Buttermore

  8. as usual, that's a really cool tutorial. =)

  9. I'm after some modelling paste and now I can just make some whenever I like with such simple ingredients! Thanks sooo much!

  10. I love your tutorials! Is the dried piece difficult to remove from the cardboard? I was also wondering about how you cut the tiles? Thanks for another great tutorial.

  11. Hi Jenny! I tried this in lieu of lunch today and LOVED the results. I experimented on some chipboard cutouts of various shapes. And I also used the paste for stencils. BRILLIANT tutorial! I love being able to NOT GO TO THE CRAFT STORE! Thank you!


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