Tuesday 28 May 2013

Tell All Tuesday ~ Featured Artist: Joanna Bennett

Hello everyone, hope y'all've had a lovely bank holiday (was it the bank hol outside out the UK? I dunno...) hope you've had a happy few May days regardless! I've a TAT to cheer you up though, just in case you haven't, or to make it even better if you have =) : -

Tell us a little bit about yourself & what kind of artist you are.
Hello. I’m Jo, originally from New York state, I grew up in a very creative and performing arts household. As a child, I was offered piano and ballet lessons, despite very little money. I was the one who directed my three brothers in little pageants and recitals for our parents and I was the one who made little books and cards.

Having been a wife, a single parent (raised a twin son and daughter) I am now returning to what I love to do and that is to create art. I have finally come full circle in that I am brave enough to call myself a self taught mixed media artist. I have figured out that it does not matter that you’ve never been to art school, nor have you been published or had your work in a gallery. Society has a way of imposing labels and restrictions on us. Art is for one person something different to another. For me, if it moves me internally, emotionally, that’s all that matters. It is in the eyes or soul of the artist and beholder and that to me, is sacred.

What is the biggest challenge you personally face as an artist and how do you overcome it?
The biggest challenge I face personally as an artist is time. I work a “real day job” and I often don’t have the kind of time and energy that I want after working all day to spend creating. I have learned to overcome this by taking baby steps. And by that I mean I start my day with coffee, breakfast and some art, sitting in my parking spot outside my job, in the car for 30 minutes. I have done a lot of art that way, although my van looks like a mobile studio and I have had to learn given each season what I can and cannot keep in the van in terms of art supplies. Pastels do melt, glue and markers can get dried out. So, lots of baby steps can turn into a lot of art. Since my children are grown I come home to my created studio space and play. Weekends of course, allow me to stay in my pjs and I’m not bound by a clock, so I get more done and that makes me feel good.

Do you think you have achieved a uniquely recognisable style as an artist, or do you find it a struggle to find your own style?
I like to think I am still finding my style and I can’t seem to restrict myself to one medium so I experiment a lot. One day I might play with water color on an index card or I might work on collage. I seem to have as many as 6 different projects going on at one time. I must have art attention deficit disorder. One thing is for sure, I have to do something creative every day, no matter how small. It’s like breathing. I take care of people every day and so every day I also have to take care of me.

What is the best thing / worst thing that art has brought into your life?
Although I have sold some of my art (and that’s a nice feeling) I often share it by giving or sending it away, just because I like knowing I brought someone some joy. When I am creating art, I feel the happiest.

Thank you, Jenny, for allowing me this interview, to ramble and to share. You are an inspiration to many.

Tell us where can we find out more about you & your art?

Thank you so much for your time and sharing Jo, I actually laughed out loud at your mobile studio, I used to do something similar when I lived in London, but it was the tube...not a car. I hated the idea of wasting nearly two hours a day before and after work doing nothing. Of course I could only do it if I got a seat (which living at the start of the tube line I got more than most, otherwise it would be time wasted on a trashy novel!) and the second of course was no paints or other messy (& room-requiring) supplies. Usually it would just be pens & markers but if I was feeling very adventurous I may risk a glue stick! So your pastels might melt Jo, but think how privileged you are to have all that room & possibility to yourself, verses an elbow fight with a newspaper!! 

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Much love


  1. Pleased to have met Jo today and see her fabulous art! Thank you both for sharing what you do best. (((hugs)))

    1. Nice to meet you Jo. I love your artistic style and I'm so in love with THAT chair!!! I can relate to a lot of what you were saying and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work. That said, I'm off to visit your other sites.

      Wishing you the best,


  2. Here's yet another TAT featured artist to appreciate! Many things resonated with me; especially the part where Jo said: "I have to do something creative every day, no matter how small. It’s like breathing."

    That's another reason why it's good to have blog; to sort of nudge thyself to create things more consistently. It's easier to keep up with it if there's supportive followers paying attention. After all, they wouldn't want the blogger to just STOP posting. The show must go on!

    Thanks for sharing. I just checked out her latest Blogspot post, "Where I Was Before." That page she made is so pretty and vibrant.

  3. Thanks for sharing your story, Jo. Your art is so colorful and fun. The chair looks especially intriguing.

  4. such a lovely interview. Love Jo's artwork. Thanks for TAT Jenny. I am always inspired by it!

  5. Yummy color love! I will look for more from this artist. Very fun -- I love the chair and the townscape. Thank you for sharing your work.


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