Thursday 2 May 2013

Comic Strip Page

So you know I've been kinda slow on the journal pages recently, as I said in My Journal Pattern post a while ago, sometimes I do nothing but art journal, other times I do anything but art journal. And this is one of those latter times. And that's okay. My muse isn't much fussed about looking at, or producing, art journal pages but instead looking outside the box of art journaling; which is fine, awesome in fact. It gets me to see what else is around me that can inspire and develop into something.

'Drained' says (and shows, from it's lack of inspiration/interest) it all!

Recently I've been really into reading zines, especially perzines, and given my artistic nature I definitely prefer those that are created with an artistic flare of their own; which has lead me to read a few comic based zines. What I love most about these comic perzines is that they can take the mundane of days and turn them into something relate-able, clever and fun. So taking inspiration from some of my favourite zinesters* last night I created a comic strip, picking something mundane from my day and choosing very simple sketches, so that I didn't find the process too arduous (which would be a sure sign I'd never make one again lol)

A jiffy later here's the finished result, 
about how Sweepie's just like a real boy, and will eat anything....just as long as it's off of your plate.

And so you can read it easier:

So super simple but it did give me a feeling of accomplishment lol. This is in my written journal & I'll definitely be doing more of these in there to log my day. My bff is always drawing our time together like this, and I used to do little 'bits' like this in my teenage journals (which looked like a cross between zines with their doodles and copy & paste elements & Smash Books with their across-class-notes and ticket stubs with journaling) can't believe it hasn't occurred to me to do it as another form of journaling before now. I highly recommend this for when you don't feel like getting out all your pens/paints/crayons/etc/etc/etc and doing the full art journal shindig.

Happy creating, much love

* (I know I've blogged about zines before but I'm aware I may be still be speaking a different language to some of my readers here, so 1) Zine, a form of self publication on any desired topic 2) Per-zine, short for personal-zine, can be a diary or poetry etc 3) Zinester, someone who makes/trades/reads zines. K? Good. Great. lol)


  1. I love your cartoon!! Funny thing it is exactly what happens with one of my cats!! He doesn't really like his fishy cat food all that much but when I have a piece of salmon on my plate he begs for some! (Yes I have a cat who begs LOL)
    Glad to see you back!

  2. Where do you get your zines? I grew up outside of NYC so I would go into St Mark's Place/the East Village and pick up zines from the indie record shops.

    I've since moved many many miles away and I've fallen out of that scene. I guess it's moved to Etsy?

    1. Hi Vanessa
      Yes I've brought some of etsy but there's some online distros too, do a google search for your area too might be something happening wherever you are now =)

  3. You certainly brightened my day with that comic strip! My dog must be related to yours! lol

  4. ive always called the technique, story boards, don't know if that is correct or not but as a visual person they sort and sift ideas growing into a life of their own such as a graphic novel or short story n since i am married to myself they might evole into little blocks of humor over a yummy dinner. isnt the journey wonderful!! keep exploring

  5. Sitting here shaking my head and chuckling so ... TOOOOOOO FUN! LOL And how did Sir Sweepie take to his part in the zine? lol

  6. Thanks for the definition of ZINES - I think they are fab - You sent me down load of how to make a zine when i got drawing faces from your etsy shop. That's fab too. So now I not only make my own zines but know what it is I'm doing. lol!
    PLEASE Keep doing what you do.
    Susie D.

  7. Thank you for sharing. =) I love your comic strip. =) And thank you for telling me what a "per-zine" is. .. I know about zines, per-zine... I made a guess, and I'm happy to learn I guessed correctly. ;)


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