Sunday 17 February 2013

Organic Art Journal Tutorial

So I promised yesterday I would post a tutorial and in case you haven't seen it already popping up in your video stream here is the tutorial =D
It is a page process and is me practicing what I preach, in allowing your inner creative self room to play and blossom...
loooooooooooooove how fat my journals gettin' =D
it is pretty much the physical embodiment on my journal advice video 'My Biggest Tip for Liking Your Journal Pages' below:
So if you want to hear my tips click that, if you want to see my process click this:
That's it for now, very tired Jennibellie signing out for the night, much love xoxo


  1. What a great video, thanks so much for sharing your page. I'm in a place right now where I sit staring at a page for ages and feel there's nothing to do so your process is very inspirational. Time to just get some of my stuff out and just do.

  2. loved this video Jenny. thank you. I am inspired! Think I'm going to lose my to-do list today and just sit and paint/journal :o)
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Great page.Spent a lot of time this weekend on a page that I had been planning and that had been brewing inside a long time only to have a finished page that was disappointing. I totally agree with your video about loving your pages but with this I was being too precious about it. What I want to achieve is to have that free feeling while I create, like you .Once again, you inspire just when I need it.

  4. Beautiful video. Your art is very inspiring ! Thanks for sharing !

  5. What a great page.

  6. Hi Jennibellie,

    I LOVE your art, journal pages, blog and videos! YOU are such an inspiration and have jumpstarted my new passion making art books and art journals.

    I missed your last art journal giveaway and look forward to the next one.

    Elise Cheval

  7. I LOVE Your art,your pages are so wonderful And inspired me :-)
    Thanks for the video, iam looking that and find new ideas for my art journal,thanks so much!

    Hugs Jeannette

  8. Beautiful and sooo inspiring...Thank you.

  9. OH Jenny. Smiles Smiles Smiles! What a wonderful page. I love that it moved so quick. I find the less time I spend on a page, the more I like it! Art journaling is therapy! THANK YOU for always being such an inspiring person/artist/human being!

  10. Hi Jenniebelle,
    You have done it again Jenniebelle another lovely video, the finished spread is absolutely gorgeous. You are such an inspiration to watch and your videos are addictive for sure. T
    Warmest best wishes,


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