Saturday 2 February 2013

My loss & Your Help (A Personal Story)

Hi guys, unusual post today as I'm feeling very sad. As people on my facebook page may know my beloved old camera died yesterday, and while I'm not usually bothered about possessions - you could put your foot through my tv, or throw my mobile phone out the window and (while I might not like you much!) I wouldn't care an iota about the thing like I do this old camera.
still from a video
I 'inherited' her (meaning I nicked her pretty much lol...oh and 'her' name is Nicky Nikon ;) ) after I had borrowed her from my mum to take with me as I traveled the States. Within a few days of the road-trip (west to the east coast for those in America who I know will ask ;) lol) she had been smashed around, her lens shutter not longer shut and still a whole bunch of years later, until yesterday, I used her every single day. 
As far as my artful journey is concerned everything you know about me, everything you have ever seen me do is because this one lil old camera helped me to show it to you. She was even the sole creator of my first 80-odd videos, not just the stills but she shot all of the footage (even though she was not designed for it) in little 20 minute segments that I cobbled together. And the most important thing isn't really any of this, it's the fact that she was my mum's, and every time I've picked her up, or took her on the thousands of miles she has traveled with me, it's reminded me of my fabulous woman named mum. Anyway, why am I telling you all this gooshy-whoosy stuff? Well because without a camera it means I'm pretty much at a standstill as far as blogging is concerned. I have one blog tutorial I have fortunately pre-shot (& managed to borrow a camera for the final bitty bits) but after that blogging, videos and re-opening my Etsy shop will all have to wait until I can afford a decent camera that'll take the heavy brunt of use like Nicky did. 
oooooooh new technique blog tutorial sneak peak =D shhhhhhhhhh 'you know na-thing'!!
When I mentioned this on facebook a few *wonderful* 'belliettes' let's call them ;) came up with the suggestion to add a paypal button to this blog so they could help out in getting a camera. Now I've been told a few times to add a coffee or a paint fund to this blog by people saying they want to somehow show their appreciation for what I share, but the truth is while I am beyond grateful people feel that way, I've never really felt okay about doing that. I'm not okay with feeling like I'm taking money and not giving anything back, and while I know these lovely ladies & 'belliettes' would say I am giving something, to me it just doesn't sit quite right. So Iast night I've come up with a solution, something where you guys (if you want to) can help me out & get something in return. While I have been working hard on getting my Etsy shop up & running, I cannot list most products (as listings obviously require pictures for buyers to see what they're buying) BUT I realised there is one thing I've made that does not need me to take separate pictures ~~~ 
Here's some single sheets that have been listed
 and sets too:
So I have temporarily opened my Etsy shop with digital collage sheet goodness ~ all of which I designed especially for use in art journals and mixed media (with my own fair hands too - no digital wizardry or trickery helped me create these sheets besides physical paints, paper, pens and ART!). So if you would like to contribute to my camera fund please head over to my shop for a mutually beneficial exchange ;) (more sheets to come too)

If you made it this far thank you for reading (wow! They become v.long blogposts when personal stories get included don't they? lol). 

Final unrelated note: I uploaded an info video yesterday on one of my most frequently asked areas - 
(so obviously this is my last video for now so enjoy my poking at paper ;) lol)
Much love Jennibellie


  1. Yay!! I was very sad to hear about your camera and now I am very happy to know I can help you buy a new one! I am also excited about the digital collage sheets, very good idea ;-) Seriously, you have been an inspiration and I am glad to give back.

  2. Hi Jen, Happy to help. I really enjoy and appreciate your vids. Hope you soon have the new camera :)

  3. I can so relate as my laptop died this past Thursday...its in the shop now...hoping to get it fixed next I don't have a way to print anything at this point...I would be more than happy to donate to your camera you have a PayPal that I can just donate to...thanks, Debbie...

    1. Hi Debbie, I'm sorry about the laptop =( thanks so much for offering but I'm not really sure how I'd set that up to be honest, just email you my email address?? I dunno, either way I'd still prefer if you went through my shop had something for yourself, even if you can't print it for several years you still have it lol ;) thanks for your support, much love xoxo

  4. OMG!! We must get you a camera!!! Can't live without my Jenniebellie videos of fun stuff to make!! I'm off to your Etsy shop to help out!! :-)

  5. Jenni, have you tried taking your old beloved camera to a repair shop?

  6. Its been an hour or so since I placed my order and I am STILL sitting here giggling and grinning that you found a way to make us feel good about helping you, and you feel good about taking our money. :-D

    I can't wait to get my order! lol So wish it could have been more but as I said when I initially suggested a PayPal donation, every little bit will help. :-) You, m'lady, are the best and brilliant for this idea. :-) (((hugs)))

  7. Hi Jenny. I am in SA and dont have a credit card but will try to buy some of your magnificent collage sheets if I can persuade my brother to let me use his credit card :o).
    My beloved camera was stolen last year and I am now using my mom's camera but its not a patch on my one - and I miss mine every single day!
    much love

  8. Great idea Jenni! Heading over there now :-)

  9. You are a delight and so worth supporting! I wish we could do more - but maybe your collective fans can surprise you with an even better new Nicky - and trips to see them all over the world? You could have a lot of fun widening your net and enjoying more experiences? I wish you a wonderful new means of getting your art across. You have already inspired three ladies in my home - thank you. You will never know the extent of your infectious enthusiasm and unconsumeristic approach. Bless you!

  10. Fantastic this sheet Jennie. Love it. Wonderful work
    lovely greet and nice Sunday

  11. We need to get you a new camera real quick!!!
    I always make a little Yaay! Happy jump, when I get a mail saying that Jennibellie uploaded a new video!!

    I used to have a rubber stamp shop in the Netherlands, but I had to close the doors due to health problems.
    I did not know what to do with myself and my forced free time... it felt so empty...
    But then I discovered your youtube channel and suddenly I found myself being creative again!
    You had a great impact on my life and I'm very greatful for that.
    So buying some of your sheets (and using them in my art) is the least I can do.
    Please make lots and lots more vids for us to enjoy!!!

    lots of love, Karin

  12. Just got one of your digitals... great idea! Good luck on your camera fund! Can't wait for your return... absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos!

  13. I have learned sooo much from your videos. Think of it this way...if we signed up for classes to learn all that you have taught us for FREE it would be more than enough to purchase a new camera. How about listing a tutorial in your etsy shop...I would love to contribute cause of all that I have enjoyed and learned from you at no cost whatsoever. Please let us help?

  14. Yippee! I have placed my order and look forward to receiving it. I have learnt so much from you and I thank you wholeheartedly. I wish you hUGe luck in buying a new camera asap :0) *hugs* Mo

  15. I know how you feel about your camera. I recently got a new one because my old one wasn't behaving anymore. But I find I keep going back to the old in spite of its limitations. So glad you were able to figure out a creative way for us to help. As so many have already mentioned, the creativity you have shared with us so generously is very appreciated. I just visited your Etsy shop and look forward to seeing what you do with your new camera!!

  16. I thought I left a comment but apparently it didn't take. Thank you for your prompt response. I can't wait to try my Jennibellie digital downloads. You are the best. Always an inspiration. Can't wait to see what camera you get and what you do with it. :)

  17. Ordered some of your sheets... doing a little to help out where I can... can I use these images on my blog... the banners etc? I put my journal pages on my blog... so they'd be seen there too... just want to make sure that's ok with you. I do hope you manage to raise enough for a new camera... if you fall short let me know and I'll order more :-)

  18. Sorry to hear about your camera, what type of Nikon was your camera

  19. Oh my, rotten luck with the camera! Here's hoping you are able to replace it soon. If anyone deserves lots of help for her generosity, that's you.

  20. Hi Jenni,
    So glad there's a way to give back to you! I just ordered some digi sheets from your etsy shop. Sent you a msg from there too :)

  21. Super wonderful and fun collage sheets! I would say they will sell like hotcakes, but I think they already are, so you know that :) I hope you are able to get your camera soon. I've always enjoyed your videos!
    ~ Maggie

  22. I sincerely hope you are able to get a new camera soon. I love your bids and blog posts! You are so inspiring. Can't wait to get my sheets. Much love!

  23. Hi Jenny,

    I can totally relate! Two weeks ago my laptop was dropped (is how I'm wording it), and after taking it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy, my hard drive was not recovered. So, I've lost thousands of pictures, as I take pictures every day, and I have 3 years of my daughter's life (ages 6 months 'til now) on there (yes I know -- back up your files!). But anyway, as we go to the next phase of trying to get my precious photos and videos off of my hard drive, I sit at a standstill as far as my crafting goes, because I'm a scrapbooker. Funny (not so funny, but funny now) thing that happened after my laptop was broken, I was trying to set up my camera to make a crafty video and it and the tripod fell over. I was able to fix it, but I almost lost it! Will definitely help support you in replacing your camera. I love watching your videos and you've taught me so much about things outside of the scrapbooking world.

    Take care!



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