Thursday 14 February 2013

On a Valentines Day..

hello beautiful, happy valentine mwaaaaaaah!!
How's your valentines been?? 
In terms of love mine has consisted of a 3am wake up call ;) 
...from Sweep but still...
he's been given two new toys so that made his Valentines ;)
'you're turn bone... 
now it's yours squeaky squeaky. Nom Nom'
 (he has a knack for waking me just as I am staring to nod; two insomniacs together, geesh!) 
then I woke up properly to 4 Valentines! *Oh yeah!*
They were all from my sponsored dogs...but still...
& now I've just got back from a lovely date:
it was only Frankie & Benny's & the cinema with my bff but still...
we connect to the point of subconscious matching
single ladies unite!! lol
And now I get to wrap up some pretty presents, again not for/with/from a man but my Etsy shop customers, but still...

I don't really buy into the Valentines stuff (even when not single ~ not bitter single lady speak here I swear! mostly cringes me out more than anything) but this Valentines has been as good as any I've ever had; besides I've never believed that true love comes only from the one source.

Speaking of my Etsy shop, I have finally reopened it properly =) & here's the deets and some general journaling vloggery

And, just because, here's a sneaky peek at my new tutorial:
difficult to show a hint without giving it all away but all will be revealed soon, hoping to get it posted for the weekend =D

That's all folks, hope you've had a fabulous Valentines =D
much love
Jennibellie xoxo

ps quick reminder that my journal giveaway ends in two days, jump to this post if you want to be entered.

pps could I think of a title for this blogpost that was not lame or 'Happy Valentine's Day?', no I could not (try it, I swear no non-cliches - like 'Be Mine, Valentine!' - are possible) but I have 'On a Valentines Day..' song stuck in my head (Linkin Park I think) & as that's as good a descriptive for this post as any so that's what ya got! *shame-head-drop*
I'll try better in the future :/ lol


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! Sounds like you had fun...mine consisted of having coffee by myself, then pizza later with the hubby. Now sitting in my cozy chair with my doggie (Baxter). :) Hugs! <3

  2. Lovely puppy treats and lovely time with BFF -- sounds like a pretty blessed Hearts Day there Jenny! :-) Looking forward to all the goodies you have in store for us ... but don't lose any sleep over it. LOL ((hugs))

  3. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to an awesomely inspirational woman!!!!! I spent the evening in a hockey rink. My son is 13 years old and is a goalie for an AWESOME team. If you spend your time with someone you enjoy, all is wonderful!!!! I had a marvelous Valentines. It sounds like you had a great time also. WOO HOO!!!!

  4. thanks for sharing the LOVE Jenny. Loved this post. I once watched a movie called AUDREY'S RAIN - which had the awesome message of celebrating every little thing in life- Every year I make or buy little valentines pressies for each member of my household. these being my 72 year old mom, my 20 year old son, my 44 yr old brother and my 25yr old boarder. Each year they are so surprised that I do this! It makes my heart sing! Let's celebrate every little thing this year!!!!
    much love and a huge big hug!

  5. We will be celebrating Valentines Day tonight. Real inspirational post. I've wanted to start art journaling, but always feel intimated. The explanation of your process is very helpful. I loved watching you draw that beautiful woman, you're so talented.


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