Friday 28 September 2012

Happiness Is An Attitude

Hi guys, I've shown quite a few new journal pages in my last few posts and today is another page share. I've lots of other projects on the go, but my creative instinct has been to play on pages, so that's what I've let her do (you've got to keep her sweet, otherwise she can get reeeeeal stinky with you and disappear for a while).
The way I made this page was quite an unusual process for me, no collage or creating a 'two-page spread' but two separate pages that have elements to unify. I did everything back-to-front and didn't create the background first as I normally do, instead I started with the flower tree and built the background around it. It felt very peculiar to me but I like stepping out of my comfort zone because it constantly produces different looking pages, as well as teaches me how to develop pages differently along the way. I think your strength as an artist increases the more obstacles you put in your own way, you force yourself to find solutions in a manner that is pleasing to you, not only in practice but in results. I don't especially love this page, but I don't hate it and it has taught me another way to start pages so that next time I will probably like my results a lot more, as well as feel more comfortable in the different processes I went through.
Quote reads: Happiness is an attitude of mind, born of the simple determination to be happy under all outwards circumstances. By J. Donald Walters

As I said though I've many other projects on the go so creative instinct will have to turn her head to practicality now and get some complete and out of the way, therefore I'll probably be working on some videos this weekend before my studio starts screaming 'clean me, clean me up NOW' itself lol thanks for stopping by, see you soon Jennibellie xx
PS see a more detailed image of the page here


  1. I love it Jenni! Love the colours and what an inspiring quote!
    hugs Alyson x

  2. Jenni,
    The colors just are amazing. You put so much on a journal page without it being busy or boring. Can't wait for all your new posts.

  3. Looking forward to the new videos!

  4. You always do such lovely work Jenni! Love this!

  5. I like how the pages relate to each other and that you tried something new in your approach to how you built them. And I love the quote. I've often said happiness is a decision. Very similar. And it is!! :):)

  6. That has just become my FAVOURITE quotation Jenni! what a great page.
    much love
    South Africa

  7. Love the color, love that you stepped outside your comfort zone. And those unifying elements really did their job, because the pages look great together. :)

  8. Jenni-You have a sure way of getting me inspired. I love your pages. I love how you were able to weave the two together with some simple elements.
    Can't wait for your new vids! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Fun the hand lettering!

  10. Nothing wrong with that page Jenny. It's happy and bright. Good qualities to share with others.
    I"m following you now. Hope you'll come by and follow on my blog too:
    I"m an American living in Ukraine. I've been to your lovely country. Hope to go again one day.
    Cheers, Coleen


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