Thursday 6 September 2012

Negativity Flipping & Affirmation Tile Tutorial

Hey guys, who's up for a little warm, glowy, sunny positivity? I know I'm in need...and I intend to make some
things, to not only raise my spirits through their creation, but also to give me something that has a positive outlook on life too. Then when my positivity next lacks I will instantly be reminded to take heed of the fact I am lucky & blessed to live in such a privileged situation, which is free from pain and fear, & contains a lot of *L*O*V*E. Here is stage one, details for stage two are in the video =)
Next stop: Mixed Media Vision Board....eek so excited to get started =)


  1. Love these affirmation tiles! They're really cool. And I'm thinking you could you could personalise them in loads of ways to turn them into gifts. Must try!

    And yeah, I sometimes get envious too. It can be a pain in the backside.

  2. Thanks for sharing your video jenny. These tiles are very beautiful.
    Lovely greet

  3. I understand how you're feeling. I try too think of 5 things I'm gratefull for or happy about everyday. And it helps!! Also people usually don't talk about whats not going too plan or about negatieve things. They'll always tell you the fun/good/positive things.
    I really love your tiles!

    Love Susan

  4. Great video!!! I'm working on something similar... affirmation notes using a deck of altered playing cards. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  5. I'm thinking about syncronicity right now. Today's video hits right on target for me today.
    As I write in my daily journal, I am trying to move beyond my feelings of envy toward other artists (I am a musician) who I admire (and those I don't!), who seem to succeed in my field more that I do, or, never seem to struggle with low self-esteem.
    I am trying to create affirmations that make sense & don't make me feel silly ;).
    Thank you for your honesty & sharing your own personal journey.
    "Comparison is the thief of joy." Theodore Roosevelt

  6. You are an amazing and wonderful individual. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. You really are blessed with a very big heart and feelings for others. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents! ADD THIS TO YOUR TILES: YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

  8. Oh yes, I know the green monster too. I'm usually very jealous of all those women with 'supportive husbands'. Look into any artsy book with more than one contributor and you'll see in the back the little bio's where about 95% mentions her wonderful 'supportive husband'. I always fee like 'sure, if I had a supportive husband it would be so much easier, since HE would bring in the major pay check and I wouldn't have to worry about where the rent is coming from, then I could also be free to do my art and build a business'. But the truth is of course I don't really want a husband or a business, I want the financial freedom to just make art all the time and do my own thing. When I come to my senses I realise I am already free to do that, I just can't do it all the time, but neither can most artists out there. The time I spend on my day job they spend on marketing and business stuff and working for others and taking care of their families. I love living alone and no I don't own a house, nor do I want to. I see around me how owning a house comes with a lot of chores and responsibilities and costs I don't want. I never understood the need to own your home. I love renting, it's pretty stress free! As long as I have a place to call my own, it's okay.
    Your vid reminded me of Heather Nova's song "Virus of the mind", it speaks exactly of what you're talking about. the tiles and look forward to the next vid!

  9. Love the tiles. I TOTALLY get the whole negative thing. So much so that this month on my blog I am doing a 30 day Blog called "Today I smile because..." I have been feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with life. So my answer was to think of 1 thing a day that makes me smile. So today I smile because.... I am not alone and I learned how to make a great way to display my affirmations. Thanks for sharing. I will be linking my post back to your post today.
    Kimmie <3

  10. Great idea. Your Mo Joe is back!!!!
    North Carolina

  11. HI Jenni! I cannot wait to listen to this. It's early morning here in Virgina and the house is asleep and I am quietly getting ready for another round of the day job. For years, I've used affirmations to settle myself and I also work on a vision board so I AM VERY EXCITED to see these things become a part of your art! You've given me something to look forward to at the end of this arduous work day! The lovely Jenni with another peek at her brilliance. HAVE an enchanted day my friend!

  12. LOL...I almost missed those last few seconds and they were priceless. You are a gem. I think you're on the right track Jennibellie. Gratitude - no matter where we are is the only thing that will bring us to where we want to be. Those two words I AM are - in my opinion - the two most powerful in the English language.


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