Wednesday 26 September 2012

I'm finally on Facebook...

What am I, ten years late to the party? Oh well, I am there now, and to tell the truth the reason why I don't do a lot of the whole social networking thing is because I feel:
Yep, even though I am part of it I still feel completely terrified by all the ga-zillions of social internet sites that we are made to feel we should be a part of.  As I've previously mentioned it took me a couple of years to come around to the idea of blogging, now that I do though I love it, and I'm hoping the same will happen when I expand my interweb wings in other places. It just doesn't help my scaredy-cat-pants-state-of-mind that I just don't physically understand them either - or how I'm supposed to pull more time out of the air to actually spend some of it on them.  Give me some technology; a piece of equipment or software and I'm away, but then ask me to put it on a website and I fall to pieces! 
It took me, and somebody else too, the entire weekend to figure out how to set up my facebook page the way I wanted it. It left me screaming 'why me? why don't I seem to be able to understand this stuff yet everybody else does?' but I don't think we did too badly in the end, here's the resulting page cover:
what do you think?
See it properly here. Now I just need to figure out how to actually use the thing! lol if you use fb please come stop by, and if you really, really wanna show me some love hit the like button; it'll make me think all the tears were worth it lol thanks for stopping by & here's to a brighter weekend to come *=D* much love Jennibellie xx

PS I also 'Jennibellie-d' my twitterettes page (in for a penny, in for a pound) check it out here.


  1. Love it Jennibellie!!
    Your banner for your FB page... You did a wonderful job with the layout.
    Welcome to interacting & engaging on FB.. See you there! ~xx

  2. Love your page header. I did FB for about 2 weeks, but found it not to my liking and something of a time suck. I hope you enjoy it :)

  3. Clever girl** You did a fab job on you Facebook page* I am a Facebook user and look forward to checking out what you are doing (Artwise)Jo'

  4. I was on facebook for a while and left. It was not easy to leave once you are on it. Good luck. That's where most everybody is these days. I hope it works well for you and doesn't eat up too much of your time. If the picture of your header is any example, I'm sure it looks beautiful and very "you". :)

  5. Hi!
    I liked your Facebook page. Great page header! :D
    Take your time to learn about facebook. No need to hurry!

  6. I love your FaceBook page, and I feel similarly about Social networking sites... It took me a while to get used to facebook ... but I love it now. .... And Twitter ... I'm still having a hard time to "get the hang" of twitter, but starting to understand. I'm lucky, I have my husband who is a computer whiz, to help me out with such things. (when he's not at work, that is). Anyway... I'm thinking about starting a blog, but... like you said, it's overwhelming... where would I find the time to spend on it... I already spend WAY too much time on the computer as it is. ...

    anyway... =) Have a GREAT weekend. ;)

  7. I was just your 93rd like. I do prefer blogs for art - I'm nosy and don't want to miss much! I can always look back and see older posts.

    I got kind of burned out on FB. I've been on it for years spying on my kids.

  8. Hi,
    I am not a Facebook person either. My daughter is always on my case about joining.
    I went to the page and it is great.
    I really like the picture of you.

  9. Your FB page looks great. You definitely aren't alone in feeling techno challenged. I'm at the head of that class. I actually feel rather pitiful when it comes to figuring all this stuff out. What's even more pitiful is my 12 yr old knows more than I do. Enough of my whinning. Happy to here you are joining the 21st century. LOL.

    Kimmie H. <3


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