Friday 14 September 2012

Mixed Media Vision Board Tutorial

Hello, it's friday whoop! and I've finally finished creating my artful vision board:
It includes many of the affirmation tiles from the last tutorial
The board itself is also made from recycled materials, which I show you how to make from scratch in the video that I finally managed to finish editing, and uploaded last night...with the assistance of my little late night video helper:
Awwww, I make him work like a dog tee hee =)
Here's the video, I hope you like it for Sweepie's poor tired paws sake lol
Thanks for stopping by, much love Jennibellie


  1. beautiful many treasures to behold, so are you jennibellie! thank you much for sharing blest be ;D

  2. Lovely, original, inventive, and pretty! :)

  3. Hi Jennibellie,

    What a great inspiration board. I love the pink and green. Nice video, as always.


  4. Very very good, I hope you achieve all your goals. Renee

  5. Hi Jenniebellie!
    Loved the videos, love your vision board!! And you have a very handsome helper too.
    you are a beautiful girl with a beautiful soul & I wish for you all those things on your vision

    Dar :-)

  6. And again another fabulous vid. Thanks for sharing personal projects. I think it helps us as artists to share more of ourselves which in turn help us become better.

  7. wonderful! wonderful! i was waiting for this video and was so excited about it, but when i finally watched it, oh my golly! it was way way more than i expected. awesome! and you are natural born teacher, my dear. i love it when you started with, "i did a research..."
    so helpful, so inspirational. thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. Hi Jennibellie, 3 x ive got to 1 min 51 secs & then it ends?? what to do? Im watching on your blog sgall i try at you tube? or is it a glitch thatll pass, thanks sweet

  9. I love love love your vision board and the meaning of it! Thanks for sharing!

  10. So fabulous! I love your vision board, especially how you created it from something that is not store bought. Brilliant!

  11. I absolutely love love your dog! I used to have a border collie/lab mix, but she passed away not too long ago :( and before that our family pet was a chow/border collie mix, I love animals and you're cutie Sweetie is no exception!


  12. Gorgeous & unique idea! Thank you so much for sharing! I was looking for ideas for vision boards to help motivate me to make a scary transition in life (new career that I'm fresh out of school for at 36 yrs old!)... This board is SO a much more "my style" and infinitely more pretty than making a vision board from a piece of poster paper! Thank you for the inspiration!<3


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