Monday 1 October 2012

Doodle Scrapbooking Tutorial

Hi guys, I've got a video for you =) and thank goodness too, because I've several unfinished ones on the go that seem never-ending - so I decided to spend a bit of time doing this fun and simple* video instead. (*it turned out to be less simple than expected & more work than many other larger vids, but hey ho! you never know how things'll go till they're gone! lol). 
I didn't use any 'scrapbooking' supplies on this page - just paper and pen, so it's a great technique if you either don't have many scrapbooking supplies, or just don't want to use them. I'm no scrapbooker but wanted to play about a little with layout, and I ended up really enjoying doing this page...but then I guess to enjoy anything is to bring a little bit of yourself into it - for me I guess that equals making things 'artified' lol.
Later on that'lll mean blasting Pink, or may be Lady Gaga, then some rock music to help me get through the cleaning (my arch enemy lol) here's the video, I hope you enjoy:
Thanks for visiting, don't forget tomorrow is Tell All Tuesday here, stop by to see who the next featured artist is (or if you want to be one just click the link for the info ;) ), much love Jennibellie xxx


  1. Wow! I'm totally amazed how you made that page using only pen and paper! It looks so layered! You sure as hell wouldn't believe you haven't made a scrapbook page in years either. Well done hun!!!

  2. doodling is so much fun and you're found a great application for it, thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Great tutorial.

  4. As always, your work is awesome and inspiring! thanks again, Della

  5. Your scrapbook page is just brilliant. You never cease to amaze me with how creative you are. Grand job!!!! :) Yet another project to inspire one's creative juices. You ROCK!!!!

    Kimmie <3

  6. Simply brilliant! I love how you make things look so easy to do! But they are not! :D


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