Sunday 14 October 2012

Womanly Woes

I'm so grateful I was born a woman...I think it's the historian in me that has studied the lives of women through the ages and sees the strength, courage and determination of my sex that makes me such a (though I hate the negative connotations that are attached to the word) feminist.
I'm born into a line of very strong-minded women; which does not mean we always do what is right or best for us (often actually it's the opposite) it's just that we do it with such stubbornness it's hard to not to admire it in one another lol. Unfortunately also passed through these genes are womanly woes that can make me identify with all the teenager werewolf books & tv shows around: wanting to rip someone's head off just for being there, going through terrible pain & not being in control of your body once a month are all things I can very strongly empathise with. My grandmother to this day still says 'arrrrh I used to be terrible, but don't worry it'll get better with your first baby' - which never helped the 14 year old me much, or the 28 year old me for that matter, who still sees her mother having the same trouble despite having had her baby 28 years ago. So that's what this page is about, me thinking about the fact I would never want to be anything other than woman, but what it means in terms of another wasted weekend.
Still there are worse ways to spend a weekend than curled up in bed with a hot water bottle, watching old episodes of Xena Warrior Princess, while eating sweets brought for trick or treating kids lol it's just the popping of an avalanche of drugs to keep in a decent state of mind and body that taints the image a bit lol

PS sorry if you have read this & you are the occasional man that visits my blog, but hey least I've probably made you appreciate you being born your gender a hell of a lot more too! lol


  1. Been there...done that. It's a distant memory for me. Kudos to you for acknowledging the fact of life .

  2. Thankfully I'm past that stage, but believe me I understand the horrible pain.... I went through it.....

  3. i soooo agree with what you are saying. and i also am not for the negative connotation of the word "feminist". i am not a feminist. i am feminine. i am a woman who loves being a woman and i sure love for a man to open the door for me :) Man and woman, each is created different and thus uniquely blest. i don't know what all these 'ist' is all about... nothing more than insecurities i believe.

  4. Awww, poor honey! My Mommy had a terrible time of it from her first one until her last one (about age 29). You know they were bad when she is actually grateful that she had a hysterectomy due to cervical & uterine cancer. She was also very pleased that mine didn't seem to be bad at all. Apart from a headache & a backache that started a few days before, mine were a nuisance but relatively pain free. Until I was 32 & had one that lasted over 9 weeks. After that one they all come with 2 kinds of cramps (the usual ones & ones that are much lower & mimic child birth). And now they are complicated by the extreme anemia I'm fighting. Plus being a diabetic, they are not kind to my blood glucose levels. Some months I have to eat all day long to keep from going low. Of course those are the days when I really don't want to eat. And of course the months when I crave a mountain of chocolate are then ones where my blood glucose is fine so I have to limit how much chocolate I eat.

    I hope they ease up on you eventually, with or without having a baby. And at least society is finally starting to see that our symptoms each month are not manufactured in our heads. They are real & sometimes quite debilitating.

    Be well & rest easy, sweetie!

    P.S. I'm cpldybg on YouTube. Just so you know. :)

  5. I know the feeling, Jenni! I once had to be driven home from work because I hadn't been able to get to my painkillers in time. I nearly passed out the pain was so bad. Part of me is really sad every time, because the pain every month - well I don't want it to be all meaningless. At the moment, having children is a little bit uncertain - it's not possible for my fiance and I without a medical procedure, which costs money that we don't have. I wish wish wish it will be a possibility one day. But I love him, and I love being a woman. Even if, like you say, sometimes you just want to rip someone's head off sometimes, for no apparent reason!!

  6. Feel so sorry for you! I've been there and bought the t-shirt. Didn't help that my mum never had a pain in her life and always thought I was attention-seeking!! Thank goodness I'm past that stage of my life and can now forget the monthly dread!!!!!!!!! By the way, your blog has astarted me painting again. You've taught me that I can paint just for the fun of it, and use whatever materials I feel like! Thanks for that!

  7. Oh how I sympathize!

    And it sucks even more when you still have to go to work, regardless. But hey, it could always be worse, right?

  8. Been there, done that and over it now.
    My daughter experiences the same things you do.
    You go girl!!!!!!!

  9. I am so so happy those days are behind me but The hot flashes that I STILL have are a reminder. After reading this and remembering how big it was I can deal with the flashes. I just have to take the sweater off. I hope you feel better. Oh have you ever tried peppermint oil? Rub a good quality like Young living on your cramp area. It works for headache too. Oh and it is great in water and tea. Hugs, Linda

  10. Oh Jenni I soooo identify with this! And I wholeheartedly agree with Alpha Shanahan - I love being a woman, am feminine not feminist, and believe men and women are created for different roles!

    I had horrendous trouble all my life from when I started right up to when I was over 40 and had a hysterectomy. One of the best things I ever did in my life! No more 10 days of it each month, no more pain, no more mess, no more anaemia, no more bad skin... no more horrible fibroid! Not sure if having children would have made a difference. My sis had 2 miscarriages before her daughter was born - she had to spend the final couple of months of her pregnancy in hospital to prevent miscarrying again because of fibroids.

    Those women who only have it 2 or 3 days a month and scarcely notice, dont' know how fortunate they are.

    Love your journal page, by the way. Glad you can get the frustration out in art!


  11. Oops, just wanted to chime in and let you know how much I looove your vids on youtube... I almost feel guilty because I am one of the lucky women who walk through their month with ease, no issues whatsoever. Although...have to buy new panties every month because I forget and don't really notice until it's to late... But I do Know I am Blessed, if buying the new panties is al the 'trouble' I have to go through.
    Nevertheless, I think you're a great artist, love to watch your vids and from now on follow your blog.
    I will send a wish into the Universe for you to get as lucky as I am, every women deserves a good month and with that a special time every month to celebrate womanhood instead of staying in bed! Wish you al the best!

  12. Ha! It doesn't get better with children. I have three and it seems to have gotten worse. lol! TFS.

  13. Be good to yourself, Jenny! :]
    Sending love...
    It is not always easy being a women, especially a strong, independent one! ~xx
    I do recall the discomfort & pain, until I had to have a hysterectomy, due to a tumor.

  14. Any man who claims he doesn't experience this is...a lying man. My cycle is synced up with all of the women in my life and it's a rough couple of days! Much love, cutie!

  15. Jenni, my mom used to give me an 18 oz glass of vodka laced with cranberry juice to knock me out the pain was so bad. I totally understand, and ha! I related completely to watching reruns of Xena Warrior Princess (my fav) and eating chocolate! That was me, too (: You go girl! You are amazing, and thanks for making me feel I have a friend in this battle called life. It all did resolve itself later in life, though. Thank goodness!


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