Friday 10 July 2015

Bunch of Backgrounds (Take Two)

So lately all I can be bothered to create journaling wise is ever feel like this?

Much like I did half way through the Monthly Challenge video - using the same altered book too (click here if you haven't seen it:

And they're taking me a while too, this one above for instance took two or three visits to the table.

Apart from journaling I did share this little make below on facebook yesterday of using jewellery box inserts as mini recycled canvases:

But as I'm really feeling the backgrounds I'm just going with it. I'm really enjoying the slowness of it too, as I normally journal so quick taking my time and coming back to pages is a nice change of page. So on I'm gonna crack with a bunch of backgrounds, here is a video I did titled the same if you feel like some background play too, much love and happy weekend xoxo


  1. Your backgrounds are beautiful. Taking time means it is made with love.

  2. Love these on my vacation...going to replay when I get'll be the first learning process my art studio as it's our new just moved in last weekart studio isnot set up yet but your video ob blog has me excited... thank you for sharing your talent with us you're brilliant :-)


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