Friday 24 July 2015

At the Crossroads

I look left
Then I look right
Then I look left again and realise the road has forked at the point I stand, the left side now has a left left and a right left road.
I look right, and see a left right and a right right and realise the same thing has happened there.
I exhale, flapping my lips so fast I make a raspberry noise and look straight ahead to see two roads have appeared there.
I close my eyes in exhaustion. I dare not look left, nor right, nor behind me, for I know what will happen if I do.

Where am I? 
I'm at idea junction of course
....someone please give me a ride on your bicycle
& take me wherever you may, 
the decision resting on me to choose is making me miss all the scenery!

oh, to be a well loved dog
 ....with a plethora of cushions


  1. i'm on my way jenny - pedaling my bike as fast as i can! i shall whisk you away for a day of artful play. we will stop to enjoy pastries and coffee and then i shall deliver you back to idea junction where everything will fall into place. big hugs and much love, jenny xoxo <3

  2. Hi, Jennibellie! Your post reminds me of a scene from a favorite book from my childhood, "Harold and the Purple Crayon". The little boy wants to go on an adventure, so he draws a road and beginsl. He walks and walks and walks, but nothing changes, and he realizes that this is a boring road because he has drawn it as just two straight lines. Harold decides to leave this road, and begins to draw all sorts of other things, leading to delightful fun (such as drawing nine different kinds of pie, and eating a slice from each of them). Harold has been both inspiration and encouragement to me many times in life, especially when I don't know which path to choose.
    Hang in there!
    Lynn in Missouri

  3. Ahhhh Jennibellie.... just trust you will make the right decision .... or if nothing else just follow what the name of my blog says to do....Just Breathe..... Have faith in yourself.... Hugs! deb

  4. Come to Denmark and lets do art together :-)
    I know you someday find your wau out !

  5. You are an amazing person, everyone who knows of you can see that. You have always seemed to be rational and one of, if not "the" most awe inspiring artist on the web. Seeing you at work, makes me see that you are the type of person who can work through anything. Trust in yourself...

  6. Sending big hugs and lots of love your way, my friend! (Hugs)


  7. Hi Jenni, I suggest you go left as what ever you choose it will always be right in the long term because you're awesome. VickyR

  8. Dear Jenny hi! I would love to take you on a ride with me or just for a relaxing walk and a coffee break under the trees and the sun here in Greece. Regarding your junction, will it really has an effect on your life for the next 5 or 10 years? Is it so important that you need to loose the scenery now?

  9. I say go left left.... I mean if you're going live, why not live on the edge... and left left seems about as close to the edge as you will get from where you are. :D


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