Friday, 31 July 2015

The process (really) works!

'Is a good idea worth a sleepless night?' is what I wrote in my journal at 3am this morning. By 6am I think I had an answer.

After last weeks post 'At the Crossroads' (...of Idea Junction) I was telling myself, and hearing from others, the same things we always tell one another when we get overwhelmed by 'too many ideas, not enough time' syndrome - you know the sort of stuff like 'relax', 'it'll work out', 'breathe', 'you'll know what to do', 'have faith in the process'. 

My brain knows all this of course...but what the brain knows, isn't always what the brain knows....if you know what I mean. 

There's a wrestle between the logical part of me that knows it'll sort itself out if left alone and the part of me that wants to get moving. But you see the past few weeks....oh boy...the past few weeks have contained SO many new ideas coming in & I get energy with every single new idea, they all scream 'do me NOW'. I'm sure you know what I mean here, every new idea is the best idea in the world....and a few minutes later this even newer idea is now the best idea in the world. But I need to remember...

Just because a new idea has energy, doesn't mean it has THE energy to be the next project.

However this idea, the one from 3am....or 1am...or 5am...or 7am...well it does HORRAY! This new project not only has the shiny new 'best idea in the world' energy, it is the real McCoy. And yet again I have re-learnt that
The process works! 
If you relax and breathe and have faith in the process it will work out and you will know what to do!

I do of course still 'get' that part of myself that wants to get moving. It has been a full week since my last frustrated blogpost, and even longer since I've been frustrated, processes take time! So I suppose faith really is the key to chillaxing into the knowing that something will show itself to be The-Harry-Potter-Chosen-One path for you to take.

So I'm off on my new path, of course though it is THE one it doesn't mean it's the only path I'm walking. I have art supplies and notes left all over so many idea paths (thank goodness I'm the only one who walks them so they don't get run over). 

I hope the path you're on is going as well. My immediate path tonight is editing the new Monthly Challenge video, the art of which I just finished creating, here's a sneaky peek:

re on is going as we It will be uploaded [here] tomorrow...if I ever get round to editing it....hmmm I'd better go do that really, ciao bella!


  1. Glad you are getting it sorted. Looking forward to all your new ideas. You always inspire. <3 xo

  2. Good luck with whichever path you go down, nothing is permanent, if you find it's not the path you thought it would be take a fork and change direction, not that I take that advice often lol x


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