Friday 26 June 2015

Meeting My Muse (aka a way to unstuckify)

I've been very busy this past week meeting my muse...or rather finding my muse, as my vlog below will explain, but either way she is BACK da-dah! You may have noticed I haven't been very alive online recently, well that's because my muse has been a little damped and so I took a little break (hence no weekly ramble last week) and low and behold she came with me! I thought she had taken a break of her own a while ago but the sneaky little mare hid in my suitcase (she must not have wanted to be seen with me lol) but still it's a 'whoop, whoop!' for me

Did a little video for my newsletter subscribers, and my newsletter subscribers only; so if you're not on my list, get on the list to see my travel edition, hitting inboxes in a few days:

I'm now ready to go again and wanted to share what has helped me release my stuckness in the vlog below, enjoy and have an awesome weekend, mwaaahhhh


  1. How nice to see your smiling face Jennibellie. As always, wise words and wisdom from you! Looking forward to july!

  2. Just come across your blog- lovely to see another artist serious about blogging...the blogosphere is a little too heavy on make up/ hauling and the commerical likes! Looking forward to your posts.

  3. Thanks for the Vlog Jennibellie. Glad you had a nice time away. I appreciate the ideas you mentioned for inspiration. And I agree with you on those things. I get inspired as well with things I see online too. Pinterest is a wonderful place for inspiration. xo :D

  4. Yay!! I love getting away by myself. Especially if it is in a place like I went a bit over a year ago for my birthday when I went camping by myself for an entire week. I need to do that again.. really soon!!


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