Friday 5 June 2015

Exclusive Class Video Share

Hello my loves!

I won't deny to you that I'd forgotten it was friday and therefore time for my usual Weekly Ramble post sooooooo I'm going to share an exclusive class video I shared earlier today via email as I have nothing else prepared lol (there I was earlier today sending out emails high-fiving myself and thinking 'yeah! I got something 'Jennibellie' done' & completely forgetting all about this). Because this shows my scattiness I also won't deny I've been feeling a little swamped lately, you may have noticed that I've been posting less online, it's not through any particular and I'm not looking for sympathy I'm just in a 'need replenishment' phase I think - and that's okay. We all need it those times. And that is what I shall be doing for myself this weekend! How about you?

So the video share is from my RAW Intuitive Journaling Class & I'm sharing it because it's all about how to deal with any 'icks' that come up through your art journaling - whether that be something deeply emotional or simply that you don't like how your page is turning out. This is something I get a lot of emails about/see get mentioned a lot so if this is something you're dealing with I hope this is of use to you. Click the image below or [here] to watch or download the video:

Please note: as this is obviously part of a class I mention other sections and tools that are available only in the classroom so just be aware of this if I talk about something you haven't heard of/know about. If you want to join class then it's still open and available for lifetime access, all the details of the how's & what's are here:

Much love
Happy Weekend

PS want to know what specifically what I'll be doing this weekend to replenish? I'll finally be carving out some me time to dive into my 21 Secrets Workshops, which is timely if you want to too as there is a fabulous sale of 40% off of 21 Secrets Spring 2014 & 21 Secrets Fall 2014 over this weekend
You can purchase both of these workshops for $58 each (regular price: $98) or buy the combo pack at $111 (regular price $170). Sale is only over the weekend, ending Monday I think so click the images or [here] to get them at this great price & spend the weekend with me creating secrets in our studios!!

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