Friday 8 August 2014

Weekly Ramble ~ Pre-Raphaelite Art Binge

Hi guys
This weeks weekly ramble is gonna be a quickie as I'm busy busy busy atm. I spent a bit a long weekend at a country park and visited this house:

I visit many historic places/house, this one is called Wightwick Manor & the reason I'm showing it is it was sooooooooooo inspiring for me artistically speaking. Most places I love for their beauty anyway but this one was not only full of beautiful arts and crafts features but also chocca with Pre-Raphaelite art.

Postcards of some of the art in there - too much to count!

It sent my head spinning, so perhaps the future will hold some sort of Pre-Raphaelite inspired art or tutorial lol we'll see. While I was away I caught a few mins to do some warm-up art with VERY limited supplies and managed to record it too, though I've so much on atm mo no idea when I'll be posting that lol

Finally I did a giveaway in last weeks ramble, 
the winner gets my new art pins
and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis:
Now I didn't realise that google had yet again made changes and turned our blogger profiles to be Google+, which frankly twists my melon! But I believe I can figure a couple of ways to try and contact you - but if you read this Rena please contact me with details of where you'd like me to send these to =)

And the final finally is because I've been away (with next to no internet) on TAT days, or been ill, etc, etc, etc you may have noticed I've not been posting them for around a month. Weird set of circumstances has dictated that, but if I were doing it I would have no more artists to interview by I shall be getting back to TAT this coming Tuesday but I need artists! Please see this post to find out how to be featured if you are interested: 

So that's all for now, bit of a weird Ramble (but I guess that's why I started this in the first place!)
See you tuesday
Much love


  1. Congratulations! RENA DECKARD!

  2. Congrats Rena. Hope you rest up Jenni. xx

  3. Congrats, Rena!
    That house looks just beautiful from the outside! :)

  4. congrats to the winner. =)

    cool art...

  5. Thank you! I'm not sure hOw to reach you either, so I'll private message you on Facebook if that's okay. :)

  6. Beautiful work,thanks for sharing it. Plz enter me in the giveaway!!!


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