Friday 29 August 2014

The projects that take years

For this weeks ramble I want to talk about something I have been feeling a lot of in 2014...frustration. I think I have felt more frustration during my creative process this year than I have ever before, but that isn't to say I haven't learnt a hell of a lot too. For example the majority of this year I have found it *extremely* frustrating that I cannot create things as quickly, get them polished and out into the world as I wish to.

'Fed Up of this Frustration'

I have learnt that they ALL take far longer to do that you not only want, but estimate or expect. As an example my new shop item I just launched, Mystery Mail 2, has been in production for well over 12 months! It has taken so much planning, designing, creating, altering, re-arranging - on *every* item in there, that I wondered why on earth I was doing it all. 

Mystery Mail 2 next to Mystery Mail 1

Why was I putting so much effort into items when no-one would even know about them (as the whole concept of Mystery Mail is that people are able to send themselves an arty goodie surprise), but the reason was because my heart was telling me to. It was a project I really wanted to make, and make it the BESTEST ever. And BESTEST ever things, well, they take time. 

So happy with how this has turned out...even though no-one can see it

And I am learning that, and allowing that, and taking that weight off of my shoulders. I want to stay in a place of joy in my creativity, creating from that calling from the heart, not from a place of pressure, which is what happens when you are wanting to accomplish everything you have planned at once; that's the definition of pressure, and  then of frustration when it doesn't work out. 

And I've realised that this thinking alone has also raised my confidence. I will create. I will create when I want,. And when I do that beautiful things happen. I don't need to churn out 50 things a day because my creative to-do list is as long as santa's present list. 

It has been a hard lesson this year, but I am getting fed up of allowing frustration to have a hold over me. So I will create, and allow, and allow those projects that require years to have them. If my heart is still in them after all that time then they were meant to be given life, if frustration of how long the project's taking overrules my desire to create it then it was never meant to be. It's that simple.

And here is a semi-new video from a project that also took a long time to come alive - my Journal Workshops Art Community, it is from the monthly challenge a couple months ago and I'm sharing it here because...well I mention all that in the video. If you are not a member of my community please enjoy, and consider coming over to join us for more. Much love & Happy Creating =)


  1. I sooooo know what you're talking about ... <3

  2. I am glad you are not the only one who gets frustrated! I get that way too and sometimes walk away for days because of it. You are a huge inspiration to me and I appreciate your candor! Thank you!

  3. I haven't felt this yet, but not to say I won't. I wonder, Jenny, if it is because it is also a business for you, which makes it feel like you MUST do certain things? I know you LOVE to create, but sometimes maybe you feel pressure to make some money from it too. There is nothing wrong with that at ALL, but perhaps it is the source of some pressure. For me, art and journaling is solely escapism. I don't expect anything of myself except self expression, and I will gain nothing from it but the satisfaction of pouring myself out onto the paper or canvas or whatever. Life is so full of worries, from world news, and personal stuff, that I NEED a way to escape, if only for an hour or two. I don't want YOU to get to the place where it is a burden and instead of a way to let your heart flow. That would be a crying shame. I think I have watched all of your videos and some several times, and I sure don't want to see you burn out. I can't imagine a world without Jennibellie art in it. I sure hope you can find that balance, and retain the joy and passion, while also making some financial gain from it as well. You are loved:)

  4. I heard an artist say that art should be fun and if it isn't something is wrong. I totally want to hold on to that and listen to that part of me that needs to rest or just empty. I am learning art has cycles and comes and goes on its own. So glad to see I am not the only one that gets frustrated. Hang in there!

  5. Oh, Jenni, I can SO relate! I get frustrated either because I can't get an idea for my art or because I'm unable to meet a deadline due to my chronic illnesses or some other aspect of life getting in the way. I was watching some of your videos last night & something you said in one of them has since become my mantra: “From my perspective there is no ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ in art.” I've watched other artists' videos and they say that "these are the rules". You have freed me and helped me realize that if I'm happy with my art, who cares if I break the rules? After all, they were meant to be broken. You have literally freed me and because of that I'm happier with my art. Thank you.

    I ordered Mystery Mail 1 & 2 and I know that it will be fabulous because it came from you: Someone whom I admire a great deal. It's going to be like the Inspiration Station items I received from you: Incredibly hard not to use.

    Hang in there, Jennibellie. The art world is a better place because of you. I know that because of you and your inspiration that I'm more willing to spread my wings and make an art journal.

    May you find peace and happiness in the universe and draw support from those of us who love you.

    Much Love!

  6. You have so many irons in the fire, it's no wonder you get frustrated. Maybe you're spreading yourself too thin?
    I know that I don't like the feeling of being "under pressure" to create something I've been asked to do....I can't imagine how you feel.
    One time, my boss asked me to make two "Sweet Sixteen" scrapbook albums for her twins. Of course she said that she would pay for the supplies and my time. Before my heart could politely brain blurted out a resounding "NO". I was immediately sorry for sounding so harsh....I didn't mean to. She understood....haha...I hope. I did refer her to a local girl who advertised such a service. I'm sure my boss was quite surprised to see how much she would have charged. It was quite expensive. Bottom line...I'm glad I said no.
    Be comfortable in what you do, Jenny.

  7. Reminds me of that old wish - give me patience NOW - LOL

  8. Please, please save me a Mystery Mail 2. I can't buy one until the end of September, but I have been patiently waiting its creation. Pleaseeeee.

  9. I have felt the same way this year. It feels like I can't find the same creative groove I was in last year. I am glad to see that you will be letting things go to follow their path and come to life or not if it is not meant to be. Much love to you and thank you for sharing.


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