Friday 15 August 2014

Weekly Ramble ~ GO, GO, GO!!!

I'm going to be very quick for my Weekly Ramble this week as I've my bff descending for a stay at any moment; it's her 30th tomorrow and while I've wrapped all 30 pressies I've not yet hidden them around the place or written any cryptic treasure hunting clues, as has become our 30th tradition lol so I need to get going... 

So to keep this short for me but interesting for you (hopefully) I've decided to theme this Ramble. As I mentioned a few Rambles ago that I've been making changes to my Outdoor Studio so now here's an early look at how it's turned out in my Updated Studio Tour:

And as I said in the video I've been continually falling into the flow of making more art out here, so here's a look at some pages I've made this week:

and a lil work in progress:

...And you may have seen my mess of an indoor space from my facebook post yesterday: 

I'm in the midst of making something new to go in my outdoor studio, though now I've a new project jump into my head today (from nowhere - I love that) I'm eager to clear it all away and get going on the new one! But priorities, first things first...=( ...but still it's nice when your creative spirit is all go-go-go (however much you don't have the time to actual do all the things you want lol - I'm sure you know that feeling!)

Thanks for reading
See you soon
Much love

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  1. Your "30" tradition with your friend sounds really cool and fun. =)

    Yes, I DO "get" that feeling of "go, go, go" from my creative ideas...

    I enjoyed your studio tour, thank you. =) i LOVE the ikea Frame and the art and quote inside it.
    You made great changes. Your storage things are cool. =)

    LOVE the garland.

    The Art journal pages you did recently are cool, too. =)

    Thank you for sharing. =)

  2. Always enjoy your tours and the update seems very relaxing BUT --- I'm surprised you haven't painted the blinds or ceiling. That is a lot of white space not to use in your own fantastically creative way. Or is the white necessary for a peaceful atmosphere? When are you going to let sweepie make a painting? Will you use his tail or paws? LOL

  3. Love your studio! That's a gorgeous throw, just noticed it's half price at the mo, hope you didn't pay full price! Love the pompoms too, will have to check out your tutorial.xx

  4. Now that sounds like loads of fun. What a great tradition. You and your BFF have lots of neat stuff you do together, like your journals and art letters, and birthday treasure hunts. Your like an artsy Divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood. Happy Birthday wishes to your friend. Have fun!!! ((((HUGS)))

  5. hi jenny, i LOVE what you've done to your outdoor studio! it really is a cozy and inspiring space, and i'm happy to hear sweepie-bum likes it too! there are times when i think my art space is "just right"- and then i get an idea to switch a few things around, re-organize supplies and like it even more than before. i'm in the process of sorting/organizing my embellishments/bits and bobs so they're more accessible so i will actually use them. lol thanks for making the video and sharing it with us. i'm sure your bff had a fabulous treasure hunting birthday-what fun! xo jenny =)


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