Tuesday 12 November 2013

Tell All Tuesday ~ Featured Artist: Nada Adaissi

Hi guys, second TAT post in a row from me...which means I've not been posting. Thank you to those that have noticed & emailed concerned, I'm perfectly fine, I'm just going through some transitions and may do a vlog-post about that soon. For now that it is TAT and I've got a mini me to share today, not sure if that is much of a compliment actually but a fab young artist anyhow, enjoy =D

Tell us a little bit about yourself & what kind of artist you are.
Hey my name is Nada I'm from Tunisia and I'm 14 years old. I started art journaling 2 years ago so I'm new to this but since I was 5 I always find my self drawing and coloring and making collage I think that's what every little kid does! LOL ... but when I was 11 I started loving my art class even though its not that big deal in my country but very soon I started to watch drawing tutorials on youtube and learned how to draw and shade as the basics then I thought maybe if I jump to the next art level just to progress so I started watching art journaling videos and videos that teach you to use watercolors and acrylics and stuff so I decided to make my own art journal mostly inspired by Jennibellie. I actually don't call my self a real artist cause I'm too young and I'm a beginner.

What is the biggest challenge you personally face as an artist and how do you overcome it?
The biggest challenge that I personally face as an artist that I always convince my self that I'm too young and that I have to quit because in my country being an artist is something that you don't find everywhere its unique but on the other hand people will make fun of you saying that you will never get a job and stuff like that but I always find my mom and my sister encouraging me to keep on practicing.

What do you love most / least enjoyable about your art?
What I love most about my art is that I can be myself and let my art speak about my feelings and about my mood. Also no one can judge on what I'm doing because I'm doing it and I'm happy about it, and no one could ever change that 

What advice would you offer to any perspective new artist?
I just want to say to every artist don't give up just keep working and trying because everything will be alright. All you need to do is to be positive and clear your mind of all negative thoughts that you have and with keeping on the good work you will succeed and be what you always dreamed of :)

Tell us where can we find out more about you & your art?
Actually I don't have any art web things but I’m sure that I will have Facebook page or youtube channel in the future because I think it's so early to do that but you can always leave me a message on here and that’s it I hope you like it, thanks jennibellie and everyone for the interview :*

Thank you so much for having the courage to share with us Nada, your work is beautiful and you share extremely wise words indeed =) I hope you remember all of your advice for yourself in years to come when you become tested as we all do at some point; when you do just remember: never give up - 'clear your mind of all negative thoughts that you have and with keeping on the good work you will succeed and be what you always dreamed of'

Want to join the TAT-ranks??
Email me or click the link to find all the details here =)


  1. Nada, your work is wonderful and you are absolutely UNIQUE! Please don't change and continue to share your art with the world and inspire others.

  2. Nada! I was so excited to see you here, to learn your age. I was like you, always writing and drawing from when a tiny little toddler, but mainly writing. I started my first real written journal when I was 14 -- am now 52 and I've kept a journal all these years in between. I only started making art journals 8 years ago myself - I loved the pages you've done, shown here, so alive and honest! It may or may not be true, anywhere in the world, that an artist can't 'get a job' or make a living as an artist (I personally think that is an old stereotype, though), but anyone like you who is brave and bold and consistently makes your art will always always ALWAYS be enriching her life, her soul, her heart, her dreams, her SELF. I'm so excited for you, for all that is happening now and will happen for you in the future.

  3. To Jenni ... if you learn that Nada has begun a blog or website, can you link to it here? I would be thrilled to follow her.

  4. You are a not only a talented art it, but a very wise young lady! Keep following your dreams and creating your beautiful art! Thank you for sharing with all of us here at JenniBellie's.


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