Wednesday 20 November 2013

Anything Goes

Hi guys, jussa little video today
because I feel very bad very, very, very, very bad that I just don't get time to respond to everyone who sends me an email anymore.
*sad face*

I get such wonderful emails
and I appreciate every single one.

I try to answer questions in videos and messages etc but wanted to do this little chatty video for the newbies - as they make up a big bunch of my advice seekers.
So here you go, complete with a thumbnail action shot of Sweepie giving me a smacker!

Happy wednesday oh gorgeous one
create everything you desire


  1. good advice thanks for sharing

  2. Hallo Jenny,
    ze kijkt echt heel zielig.
    kan je haar niet op vrolijke hi hi.
    Groetjes Marja

  3. As always Jenni, you are spot on! I love all that you said and I think we ALL need to remember your advice......even seasoned artists. I think we all come to a point where we may get bogged down or begin to compare and its so unfair to ourselves because we are who WE are and there is no right or wrong to that. So what we choose to reflect in our journals is A+ because its a reflection of beautiful YOU! If you choose to share and someone may not like it, don't take it personal, we all have different tastes, thank goodness! And on the other side of that, if you don't like it, no worries, take a step back and do something else and go back to it later! When you look at it again later, it may take on another light and you can go at it in a different direction and it just may turn out to be all you were looking for!! Thanks for sharing Jenni, you are so precious!

  4. Amen to everything you say in this video!

  5. All so true. It's a safe place to be, no judgement. Thank you for sharing. Love your stuff.


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