Friday 15 November 2013

Friendship Journals

Hello beautiful artifolk =D I’m posting a small vlog right now on friendship journals, something I’ve done for a loooooong time before I discovered art journaling. 

Just sharing as I haven’t done any art or projects ‘for me’ of late as I’ve a few arty requests of me from other people recently (that’s what happens when you’re the ‘crafty-one’ right?!) so for that reason you might not see me posting so much, may be a pic here or there on facebook of what I’m making, but as my usual downtime of art is now taken, my actual downtime is usually doing something else entirely. I may get the inclination to do a journal page or two at some point, I dunno we’ll see.

So here's my vlog for now, enjoy:

Have a great weekend beautiful!


  1. What great memories you are able to capture and keep by doing this and what fun to look back on when you are older..
    Thanks for sharing..
    Sandy :)

  2. What an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing your creativeness, is that a word?, with us. Love Ya' Patricia


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