Tuesday 26 November 2013

Journal Ideas Video

Hello lovelies, so it's Tuesday which means today is supposed to be a TAT post but apparently my computer is not willing for any pictures to be downloaded onto her, and given that us artists love our visual candy I'm not going to post someones interview without being able to give it it's full effect, so I'm sharing a video instead =D

I usually don't have a vault of Jennibellie-vids to fall back on but apparently today I do lol this one is nothing too fancy just some art candy and ideas sharing for a different way of doing a collaborative art journal. Hope you enjoy =D


  1. Oh, that is such a wonderful idea!

    I have to find someone to do this with - none of my friends is in to artjournaling really :/

    1. Same here, it would be cool to do as penpal idea!:)

  2. I've shared this idea with my sister and we are planning to do this collaborative art journaling next Summer when she is on break from her teaching job - she teaches Art to elementary children and she throws pottery as well.

  3. A lovely idea. I would like to do this sometime ..

  4. This letter art journal soudns so much fun. I have to suggest it to some of my penpals:)

  5. This is such a wonderful idea. I wish I had someone I could do this with. Most of my friends don't even know I Art Journal, and those that do think it's a cute little hobby. For me it is now becoming a part of who I am. I need new friends… What a wonderful tradition you and your friend have. Happy journaling!!! (((HUGS)))

  6. Hi my Love, thank you for sharing such an awesome idea. Now I need to start journaling, then I need to find a friend who would like to do it with me....lol Thanks for the inspiration. Love ya' Patricia

  7. I am going to ask my new penpal if she would like to do something like this with me! It looks like so much fun. Thanks for writing this post.


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