Sunday 9 June 2013

What a Week! Update & Tutorial Update

Hello beautiful readers, 
I'm so sorry I've not blogged much this past week I've been insanely busy =(

If you follow me on facebook you'll probably have seen that I have still been making things. Often very quick things that have been squished into what time I have had, which was mainly yesterday, but I didn't blog about that because I fully intended to do a new post today, which was supposed to be a Smash Book Making Tutorial;

see, I have been gettin' on making it, bit's here & there ;)

but again I've been so busy today that I'm now at 10pm and facing an early start... so alas the tutorial, which will probably take me quite a long time to write, will have to wait for another day....look out for it later this week.

Other things I've been making this week include:

(yes new videos woohoo! but again these take A LOT of time to make so please be patient with me)

New Greetings Cards for my shop:
Customizable for ANY occasion, multipurpose yeah baby!
Thank you so much to everyone who's purchased something from me this weekend, parcels are being posted tomorrow so your goodies will be with you soon =)

At the very start of the week I made a mood board 'jus coz..':

And I've also been making a new *ZINE* woohoo!!
I'm in total zine heaven at the moment, I love reading and making them sooooooooooooo much!

And finally today...
even though I've had next to no time to get creative I made these rush paper beads:
from this junk mail brochure
love me some fatties!!!

they still need jazzin' up but at least they're a start because HELLO you can never have too many beads ;) lol

and I've also done this blogpost,
...ok so that was rushed too, and not the tutorial I had wanted to do but still...
I hope it gives some inspiration to show that in those times
when life refuses to give your creative muse the reins
it's still possible to say 'stick it daily crap, I'm having five'
and pick up a glue stick to literally do just that!


tee hee

much love


  1. glad to see you got art fun time. have an awesome week.

  2. I especially love the beads. I will be looking at my junk mail with a new eye! Being a quilter, I enjoy making them from fabric as well. Thanks for sharing and keeping us inspired!

  3. Thanks for all ur inspiration!


  4. You are so generous with all you share. Finding your blog has been a marvellous encouragement in my small steps toward creativity and journaling. Your honesty is always appreciated and I so enjoy the down to earth and 'spin' free approach in your videos. You are a gem!


  5. you so funny! I also refuse to not stick/paint/make some stuff!!! Enjoyed this post- hope you get more time to stick/make/create stuff this week.

  6. I agree... NO way I'm not gluing today !!! Thanks Jennie for reminding me !! Love Isaya

  7. You have to make time just for "you" so you can't get the extra creative inspiration. It looks like you have been extra busy. Waiting for your tutorial on the Smash Book. Those of us that follow you, wait for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you do.

  8. Oh man I have been there! Between school and work and kids I sometimes need just 10 minutes to draw or collage.

  9. That is pretty much all I have been working on the past several days…. beads, beads , beads and oh yeah more beads. Round ones, fat ones, saucer ones, foil ones, long ones, and on the list goes. It's a great project to do while watching the tv. I need to go back and shine them up. I also need more glue. LOL. I wish I could say mine looked as cool as yours, but alas I can not. ((((HUGS))))


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