Thursday 13 June 2013

Mystery Mail Now Available

I am SO excited I have to blog about this...

For MONTHS I have had an idea in my head and after A LOT of labour it is finally a reality YAY!

I have made a few mystery mail art packs. 

It was an idea born out of several smaller ideas: one for a postcard club and another for an anonymous zine swap but I'm thinking I don't really have a proper way to organise those things. May be a ning or facebook group is calling me somewhere in the future where I can have a hub to do that sort of stuff ;)

The final idea I had was one for mail art subscriptions from my shop, ya know where I make mail art and send it out monthly to subscribers but that seemed like a larger commitment than necessary, for both me and the mail art lover.

So I decided to smush all the ideas together and mystery mail is the result.

A few are available in my shop <<< only a few for now mind

We'll see how we go with this one and depending on how the idea goes down I may do another one (hence why I named it Mystery Mail '1') but not for a while mind, it took A LOT of work lol
Well laid plans always do...

Update: Mystery Mail has now SOLD OUT. All I had went within an hour - wowee! Thank you =) I'll get on making some more for next week, keep an eye out on my etsy ;)

Much love


  1. OMG, I just ordered mine!! so excited to get mail from across the pond. Strike that, SURPRISE mail ooooooh!!

  2. I'm sorry "article unavailable" I'am so sorry!!!

    another time ????

    1. sorry I may have been editing the post at the time...should be available now ;)

  3. Wow they went fast! Maybe I'll snag one next time! Love your work!!

  4. This is a great idea! I just did a mail swap with a fellow artist and it was really neat to get some different things that I didn't have in my stash! Great idea Jennie!

  5. This is an awesome idea! It would be great to have several artist participate so that there would be lots of fun mystery mail packages going back and forth! I would love to buy one but they were sold out when I got there.

  6. oh wow, I adore mystery mail!!!! just got done making foil beads, spring boarded ideas from basic how-to

  7. Have you found SwapBot yet? It allows you to host mail swaps of zines, mail art and other. I have seen a fellow writer friend of mine just do it with blog members, but us mail art, pen pal folks have a much smaller following. Personally I have not done swapbot due to lack of hobbies.

  8. I can't afford to support you yet Jenni you are so awesome I wish I could get to where you are!

  9. I am suddenly sad to be in MST and not GMT... LOL I'll have to keep watching for more!

  10. This is crazy cool and I would love to send one in return!!!

  11. That's what I get for falling behind on my blogs... maybe next time...


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