Saturday 15 June 2013

A New Studio And New Girls

New Studio Sneak Peek...
I have a new studio

No it's not my interior one, my little condensed hub of heaven will still be my main art room, but I will soon be having an outdoor space too which I have missed having a lot. Here's what my new room turned up like:

and here's what it's currently like, or a peek of it anyway.

It's a proper outdoor office space. It's waaaaay more expensive than what I was planning to have after my old little shed croaked it, but in the end with all options weighed it was the most sensible. To be able to use any outdoor space properly it would have to be insulated, sealed yada yada yada and I spent a fortune doing all that on my old shed that still let in bugs, still creaked my neck with drafts and still warped with damp. However much I loved it, it was ultimately a waste of money and would always have a limited amount of available uses.  This one however, well it is a contained unit, my friends even thinking of getting one as a guestroom it is that nice, I'd happily sleep in it =) (well when it's finished anyway). 

So yay! Many people said on my facebook that the loss of my old shed studio was just making way for something bigger and better and I guess they were right =D

In spite of being super excited about that, watching it be built and going out shopping for cheap carpet tiles and blinds to fit it I have managed to do some art today too:

I have been creating with my new(ish) brush pen on floral wallpapers and come up with this little series I'm titling Wall Flowers (gettit?!). They are quite expressive work, done without pencil and created with quick fluid lines.

I'm also doing something I rarely do with my original art and that is putting them up for sale. My etsy sales over the last couple of months have helped me to purchase some bits for my new studio but I'm hoping these pieces will help me furnish it with a little comfort too. Their sale may only help me buy a rug or pillow or two but I have my heart set on some crochet, so any monies I get from it will go straight back into supporting the work of another etsy artist.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these works please visit my shop. There are only four and as I say I rarely sell my originals so if you want it you have to get it when you see it =)

thanks for visiting
much love


  1. i would love either artwork 1 or 4 shame i don't get paid till next week here's hoping one of them is there then. i love your artwork - so pleased for you getting your new outdoor space x

  2. Jenny, congrats on your new studio space! Can't wait to get a peek inside!

  3. Congratulations on your new digs jenny! I have long wanted one of those small buildings -- I fancy setting it up as a little shabby chic hide away and then well, hiding in it........
    Have fun!!Can wait to see pix.

  4. Congratulations on your new studio, and thank you so much for your excellent tutorials.
    You have inspired me to try making my first journal. I've covered it with an old gift bag so it has handles at the top. Thanks again for the tutorials and I hope you enjoy your new studio

  5. Thrilled to bits to see your new studio and hear its in process of construction - can't wait to see it finished and decorated. I know it will be a complete delight for you ... and we'll all be jealous. :-) I love your Wall Flowers -- each one is just wonderful. Reminds me of that one you did some time ago with the ink dropper in your journal. ,-) That devil may care attitude in your loose work like you've done with these is really amazing and truly creative. Go YOU! Here's wishes that each will find their home soon and truly wishing I could provide one of those homes for them. Alas, all my pennies are going towards my boys and their families coming for a gathering here the end of July ... four years since we've last been together. love and (((hugsabunches))) for you and Sweepie

  6. I love your wall flowers! They're beautiful and full of personality. Congratulations on your outdoor art space. Hugs! Wendy

  7. Congtats on your new studio! I'm sure it's gonna be a great, comfortable and inspirational place for you to make your fabulous art. The wall flowers look brilliant. You are so talented.
    Xx Monica

  8. What a lovely new studio! I am so very happy for you to have an outdoor space to create in! The wall flowers are a wonderful inspiration! You inspire me to create more!

  9. Is it prefab with insulation built into it!? Sweet! Here's the one we built this year. I like your windows much better.

  10. love love love the new girls and your new creative space is going to be FAB U LOUS!!

  11. A real proper studio! That is wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the progress.

  12. That was me who said it something bigger and better was waiting for you :) I am so thrilled for your new studio I could cry. I felt your pain when you posted what happened to your old studio and I made a little prayer that a new studio would come your way, one that wouldn't give your problems. You deserve it because you have given many people including myself much joy watching your videos and your creativity.

  13. YAY! =) That's great about the new studio.
    and your wallflowers are great. =)

  14. So happy for you! <3 Will Sweepie have a spot out doors with you too?


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