Thursday 20 June 2013

Video 'Failure' and a Quick Art Journal Flip Through

a pic of me with a red hot tongue (spicy food) just coz...

So the last couple of weeks I've been working on this video.
It's had voice-overs, it's had annotations, it's had image overlay, it's had the works.

I planned on uploading it today. 
So I did as I normally do before posting anything and checked it and I decided....I didn't like it. So I won't upload it.

It happens. 

Sometimes it isn't about how much work something's had that makes it good. Sometimes it can be the thing that takes you two minutes to do that can hold the most value (whether that value be creativity, usability, likability, beauty, whatever)

I know some of my religious video viewers would want me to upload anything and everything that I have created and will go "arhhhh *sag head*" when I tell them this one's going in the trash bin, but just in case you haven't realised by now I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my videos.

If I were to watch all my videos back and decide if I was going to upload them all again I doubt half of them would make it now - not that I will be going around deleting them, they were an important part of my journey, one which took me to where I stand now. Hopefully in a year I will consider the videos I upload today to be below-standard too, because that's what learning and growth is all about. Improving and changing. 

It's strange how I don't do this with my art. I do share anything and everything when it comes to that, but that's because I don't consider bad art (if there is such a thing) to hold any less value than good art. It's also because it's mine, I made it for me, so there's almost an element of not caring if it's good or not, whereas videos I make for others, and the same way I would never give a broken gift (unless it was to another recycler to upcycle ;) ) or stock things in my shop I'm not proud of, I'm not going to be posting sub-standard videos. Perhaps I'm a contradiction, but that's just me.

But I wouldn't tell you I've made a video you'll never see without offering some kind of buffer, I've just posted one of two journal flips I'll be doing, the one below is just a quick flip through of my now completed most-loved art journal.

I will be doing a longer, more personal exploration of this journal on video soon. I usually just pick a quick flip or commentary flip but this journal I think deserves both. You'll probably see why  in the next video when I start delving further into it. 

Until then, much love


  1. What a great journal! I love it!!!

  2. cant wait to see the extended video, as always thank you for sharing your creativity with us

  3. It's awesome. As always, you rock.


  4. When I saw your pic and before I read the words underneath, I thought you got one of those disc rings put into your lip!! Seriously!!!

  5. It was fun to review some of what we've already seen you do live on a video or presented via blog. So many things I forget you've done because my mind can't retain it all anymore. lol Aging does that ... and speaking of aging ... ask mum what the sound of running water does to an old lady!! O.o You could have warned me before viewing! LOL (((hugs))) I support your endeavour to publish only the best of what you want to offer ... go you!! Will look forward to that one when you've deemed it presentable. :-) Fun to see the Sweepie enjoying himself lazing in the fresh air. Big (((hugs))) for the both of you!

  6. It is not a contradiction, it makes perfect sense--art is subjective, to begin with, while videos for tutorials (just one example) have technical merits separate from the artistic one, ergo, those can be objectively better, and continue improving over time.

  7. Love your journal. You are a true inspiration.
    Thank you for being so generous and encouraging.
    xx to you and Sweepy Bum xx

  8. You are a great inspiration for me. Thanks!

  9. Beautiful! I really love your work, Jenni.

  10. Oh my! Have I told you recently how inspiring you are? A wonderful flip through, thanks for not going too quickly, and um... yes, I have to agree with Von about the sound of running water!! :-)

  11. Fantastic I love every one of your journals, I am trying, but lack the imagination. You are so clever and friendly. xx


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