Sunday 16 December 2012

Wallpaper Page

Hey guys, so after my last post where I discussed my current art journaling pattern I gathered from the comments you guys liked this page below, so I decided to share a little more about the materials and process of the page.
This page was one of those 'meh' pages. I wasn't feeling it & just sloshed a bit of paint here, a bit of paint there, never really liking the page or enjoying the process. I didn't like this page right until the very end when, as I wrote the last words, I suddenly loved it! Despite the fact that I didn't like it though I still went with it ~ that's what the journaling on the page is about, just forgetting what is going on in my head & trusting my creative instinct, because as always, she was right.
So that's pretty much the process, as for the materials, well as you know I love free supplies so I got these big mandala-looking circles & cute little flowers from the hardware store as I was picking up some bits. They came from these two wallpapers
...well technically they're borders
I love the hardware store for free supplies, many journalers hit the paint chips but I'm all about the wallpapers baby! Other materials include a couple of other scraps of collage, paint and some journaling/doodling with a black pen & white out corrector, but it's really the wallpapers that give it the 'pop'!
Just thought I'd share, as I think it's my favourite page of my last little week's bout of art journaling too ~ simple & carefree =)
Much love, Jennibellie xx


  1. I absolutely love it! Hope I can find some free wallpaper! Tfs

  2. Absolutely love this! Hope I can find some free.wallpaper,tfs

  3. My favorite too! I really love this page. The warm and cool colors together just pop. Now you've got me thinking about stopping by the hardware store. :)

  4. A beautiful page Jenny. Just love how the yellow brings it alive! (Yellow not my favourite color but find myself using it more and more lately!) Wishing you a very happy Christmas and an awesome new year!

  5. I have 3 wallpaper books and this is a great way to use them - make some journals and fill them with parts of me!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. A beautiful inspiration and now I know what to do with the 3 books of wallpaper that I have...make journals and fill them with pieces of me! Thanks

  7. Nice! Sometimes it's hard to trust that inner creative muse and just go with the flow, even when it seems to just be getting worse as you go along. Some work out and others don't but it's all good practice no matter what. : )

  8. I think this page rocks!! Thanks for sharing and all these wonderfull tips. Just starting Art Journaling and you are a great inspiration!!
    xxx Marianne

  9. It IS a beautiful page...and that much better now that you've told us more about it. I often plug along on a project that I'm not in love with...but my heart and soul keep telling me to go on with it...and then with one little itty bit addition, I'm smitten.

  10. I love this page! It's really gorgeous. Everything just goes well together.

  11. Love this page. I love the colours and the patterns. I have recently discovered you on youtube and I have watched many of your clips, I am relatively new to art journaling and I am still finding my feet, so thank you for all your inspiration and sharing your knowledge.

    Hugs Juls

  12. Oh Jennibellie,

    I have one burning question - how do you ever store all of this? Even if it is stored, how do you remember what you have? And if you remember you have it, how do you remember to use it?

    You are so talented! I do love this page.


  13. Hi Jenny,

    This Page is soo AMAZING!!!I LOve,Love,Love this!!The pattern is very pretty and great,i lookes your blog,and find to much another wonderful pages,this is sooo beautiful,the pages inspirates me.
    iam very glad when you looked of my blog,and now iam your blog follow.

    Best Wihses and a wonderful time of christmas Jeannette

  14. where do you get free wallpaper from?? b and q?


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