Thursday 13 December 2012

My Art Journaling Pattern

So I've started to notice a pattern recently in my journaling...
first I spend a few days wanting to do nothing creative but art journaling ~ so I do it solidly for that time, then out of nowhere I suddenly want to do nothing creative but projects besides art journaling, so off I go with those. Here's a few pages from the last few days' journaling rampage.
I used to do a little bit of journaling every time I had a creative moment, as a sort of warm-up to get the juices flowing, then I'd go off into other projects if I wanted to. At the moment though I'm all about one or the other...but I'm happy with that, just because I've noticed this pattern doesn't mean I'm going to try to change or manipulate it into being more consistent.
...I think it's all part of the fun of being a creative; you don't always know where it comes from or why, but why should you? 
I've long been a believer in following my creative instinct, I do as she pleases, and in a few months I'll bet I'll be spotting another explainable pattern =)

How about you?? 
Have you noticed you have any creative/journaling patterns? 
Share with me in the comments, I'd love to hear how other people creatively work =) 
much love Jennibellie xx


  1. Gorgeous pages!!! Love the doodle flowers. :) I will be creatively crazy for a few days ... a mad woman on a mission... then I will need a break for a few days. I do try to do a little something every day though. It is such a needed release. Thank you for always being so inspiring! xoxo

  2. Love your colors on these lush pages -- especially the yellow, gray and teal, which is so unusual and so gorgeous. I find that as I am more confident in my artistic voice, I am spending less time in my journal. I go there more to "work things out," or if I have a specific quote I want to journal around, or if I want to try a new technique. More and more of my expression is happening on canvases... Here's a great "TED" talk by Elizabeth Gilbert called "your elusive creative genius." I think you'll like it.

    1. Jessica, thank you for the link. I watched it and enjoyed it. Great food for thought!

  3. Love your pages Jennibellie!
    I'm new to art journaling. Have always enjoyed art, painting, etc just never compiled them in one place. Your blog and youtube vids have inspired me!
    I can relate to the flights of fancy regarding journaling, I do the same thing. Get totally engrossed in one activity, maybe quilting one day, crochet another zentangle another then leave them for a bit and move on to the next. Like you say, there's no need to worry or changenjust go with the flow :)
    Thank you for sharing your creativity and inspiring me today.

  4. Gorgeous pages. I'm especially in love with the second spread. As for me, I write in the morning and do the decorative part whenever I have too (that is when there's no prepped pages left to write on), usually two or more spreads at a time.
    My sketchbooks will just get used when I feel like it. There's not really a pattern there as far as I can tell.

  5. I always work on one creative outlet at a time. A while ago I was making hundreds of strings of beads for beaded curtains. I covered half a doz windows with thousands of beads....sooooo cool. Then for some reason I totally switched interests to mosaics. I covered everything I could find with china, glass, mirrors...etc. Then I started to scrapbook, but not in any "normal" sort of way. My books are more like art journals around a photo. Then I started making photo albums without the photo...just books of pages of backgrounds to someday add the photo. Then I started making art books out of children's board books, then moved on to altering vintage books I buy at Goodwill...and that is where I currently am still. But I could wake up tomorrow and be onto something else entirely. I have to say that you, Jenni, have been a huge inspiration to me. When I am blue, I only have to go to your Youtube videos or read your latest email and I am ready to run back out to my art room and play. Thank you

  6. What a gorgeous pages jenni. Love the second one so much, but also that beautiful structures on your pages. Wonderful work I think. Also the colors you have used. I agree with you that you must be a follower of your own creativ instinct. Fantastic.
    lovvely greet

  7. I am getting so many things ready for Christmas. I have two grandkids and it seems to take them a while to get their "wanted toy" list to me. lol I am just about done and now for the wrapping. I don't just like to throw a present in a decorative bag and I wrap everything nicely and always make fancy bows and etc. I always have and always will. I guess you could call that creating. Bows are the thing for me when wrapping. I try as many materials as I can to make a package different.
    When the New Year comes, I will be back to journaling big time. Right now, it is all about Christmas for me.
    Love your pages. For the pictures in your pages, are those from magazines?
    You manage to put so many different items on your pages and the colors just are great.

  8. I don't notice patterns except in my daily going about my business. I can only stay focused for a couple few hours at most and then have to get away from 'that' spot and do something else...whether it's blogging, cooking, playing with the grand babies or reading. Love your journal pages!

  9. I love your pages!
    Lately I've been bouncing back and forth between working in my current journal.. and making new journals lol I also get on little kicks where I will draw different variations of the same theme over & over for a week or 2..

    I used to have this weird disconnect between my writing & my drawing.. I would switch every 6-12 months but when I was writing a lot I couldn't seem to do any artwork.. and when I was drawing my words would dry up. But I haven't had that issue since I've starting keeping more visual journals :)

  10. I haven't really noticed any patterns but I only started art journalling recently. I have been watching your videos and enjoying them so much that I get inspired and have to try it myself. Thank you for sharing your talent and art with us!

  11. These pages are awesome! I love your layers, variety and how you mix patterns, colors, and text! Thank you for sharing !


  12. It's the same here. Most of the time I do one thing or the other. And I go crazy about that one thing. :) It's only that and nothing else. I guess that's true inspiration. When it comes you can't resist it.
    Your pages are beautiful.

  13. I told my daughter when she "became a woman" not to be surprised if her artwork responded to her body's rhythms. When she is ovulating, her body is in recreation (reproductive) mode so she may find it difficult to come up with new ideas (create something new, begin a new project, nurture something into existence) so she should use that time to color, edit, ink, etc. During that time of the month, I said she would probably experience a flow to her work (no pun intended) and she would probably have a hard time keeping up with all of the ideas that come. Just a few months ago she mentioned something about time of the month on her facebook or tumblr and she was explaining to all of her art friends/fans that she's learned to work with her body's natural rhythms and can pace her projects around when she will be most eager to do different types of things.

  14. Your blog is so beautiful! These journal pages just dance, full of creation, spilling all over, great! So happy to have come across you here! I'm just feel like journaling lately and lots of doodling, so very relaxing!

  15. Your journal pages are awesome! I'm been having trouble for years finding a way to journal that will work for me. Nothing works except for a day or so. As far as my other creative outlets, it goes from ATC's, collage, making things out of cardboard, etc. I don't fight it. I just do whatever my muse wants! Love your blog and your videos!!! You are awesome!

  16. Great art journal pages, Jenny. I especially love the spread in the second photo...gorgeous! My pattern is similar to the one you describe here...journaling BECOMES the project for awhile. I have a hard time doing a little journaling every day, even though that's how I started the practice originally.

  17. I think when you have a variety of interests you just naturally and joyfully go wherever the muse takes you and are never bored or blocked. :) :)

  18. You have got me into this journaling, where to start.? will get going.


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