Wednesday 19 December 2012

15 Minute Art Journal Page w/ Real-time Video Process

I just have a quick little art journal page to show you, it took 15 minutes & I recorded the process in real-time but divided the time into three 5 minute sections
...well technically I went a little over on a couple of sections, so it may be turned into a 16 minute page lol but it's difficult just to drop it while the media is in your hand and idea in your head haha =) What I do in the video is an easy way either to warm up for a bigger journal page, or to do it as I do and journal in lil bursts throughout the day/days when time is tight. I sometimes also do this when I don't feel very 'committed' ~ you know what I'm talking about? Those days when you just can't be bothered to do ANYTHING creative, and you just feel like you'd mess something up if you did? Well I do this on those days ~ not a lot, just bits and pieces like in this vid and nothing that I can do 'wrong'.  So if you wanna hang out with me while I create this page please check out the video below and I'll see you soon xoxo


  1. Awesome page, I really love the final thing. I was wondering which neocolors tones you're using to make the skin color?

  2. This was great! fun to have it in real time and a time limit. turned out really cute. :)

  3. Thanks for showing this video. It was very interesting to see how the idea came together on the page even though you didn't know exactly what you were going to do from the start. It shows me that I don't have to feel intimidated by the page and the supplies. I should just start useing them and see what happens. Thanks again. Linda E.

  4. Today I finished my Art Journaling book and showed it on my blog ( Thank you Jennibellie for the awesome tutorial you made and for all the inspiration on your blog.

  5. Another creative & inspiring video!! Thanks so much!

  6. I love this page & especially the quote :)
    When I was watching you stamp the circles, an image popped into my head of those crazy elaborate Rococo hairdos.. I ended up painting & thought I would share since your vid was the inspiration :)



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